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Part 5 of the series for Danuki-Ensemble (UK based theatre group)



[link] - land
[link] - texture
[link] - bulb
[link] - tv
[link] - boy
personal shot - sky


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That's great! I'll need a paint like this for my band's album cover!
Do you think you could help me?
I have the original photo, and the vector drawing, all in a photoshop file.
Contact me at and.vigani@gmail.com if you are interested in this job!
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carlroy6|Hobbyist General Artist
very nice man! are you a filipino?
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rikiziocchen's avatar
cest magnifique(:
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Markus43|Hobbyist General Artist
beautifully surreal
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Schnette's avatar
What a great idea to use the lamps as stars!!
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thewyteangel's avatar
This is magically beautiful, I love it. The colors and contrast create an unearthly feeling, although every bit of the picture is real.
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moosk's avatar
I wish I could go there. <3
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Manipis's avatar
inspiring.. i really love all your surreal work ...great style, great composition.. good job :thumbsup:
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MorveMagique's avatar
Nice, Like the idea for the stars.
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TasteTheRainbowXD's avatar
TasteTheRainbowXD|Hobbyist Photographer
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pierced-elf|Professional Photographer
inspiring. time to gallery stalk you again, my apologies.
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Issoire's avatar
This is stunning! :clap:
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wow! thats all i can say!
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Floppyflop|Student General Artist
Wow :) Very nice :) I love how imaginitive it is :) :+fav:
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hairymenlover's avatar
wonderful work!
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nine9nine9|Professional Digital Artist
Wow! Very nice!
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CaseyAdamF|Hobbyist Photographer
I LOOOVE this. SO awesome. Good job!

You know what? I've always pronounced your name as "Fickerless" until today I realized what it actually said......... Not the first time this has happened. I always call Spanakopita "spankopedia" but pretty much on purpose.
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just amazing
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Ssabina|Professional Photographer
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TalviEnkeli|Professional General Artist
Fantastic picture! :heart:
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gorcrow|Professional Photographer
Your manips are so flawlessly atmospheric. Really enjoy your work.
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wonderful concept.
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blue-a|Professional Digital Artist
Such a great piece Mikey!:heart:
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