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Irregularities of Discernment


The light which mainly comes from the sun is one of the main and most constant processes in time imemorial - from its formation to its temporary absence; from being well-known for its playfulness to its rudeness and abrupt manners. The major light source never ceased to rest, eternally glowing and producing the one major show that all that have resided in this earth has seen and felt.

The image that I would like to present tries to convey the questions: What if the major light source stopped being constant in its process? What if it took a breather from its passion in the creation of the essence of life?

Stocks used:
[link] - sea
[link] - window[link] - clouds
[link] - house
[link] - suit
[link] - rocks
[link] - ship

The balloon is painted.

My Portfolio: [link]
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so amazing stuff
well done :)
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Very neat! I love this :D
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your'e in the tradition of Salvator Dali and Rene Magritte, i suppose?
if they were still alive, they were proud of you !!
one of the most splended, excellent and brilliant galeries, i ever looked at.

love and peace
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This is great!!!
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Hi!! I just discovered your work...and it ROCKS!!! Superb Portfolio! Bravo![link]
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I'm so glad you have posted this work too my friend, this is my favorite from your recent works!:D
i wish i could do this. its amazing
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This image has been featured here [link] and here [link]

Outstanding work! :boogie:

NOTE: If you aren't happy with your work being showcased outside of dA, please leave a reply to this comment and I will remove it. Unfortunately I do not have the time to request permission for each image I publish beforehand, but I strictly observe the courtesy of informing each deviant after publication :worship:
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What an imagination..! Wow :wow: your artworks have always a HighQuality.
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Totally Magritte! I enjoy the concept a lot, and it looks very very well done. The composition is excellent!
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I'd love to spend a day inside your head mate, I'm guessing there's a thing or two that you might find interesting :).

Cool work here as usual, the surreal abstract composition never ends hehe
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Great as usual my friend. :+fav:
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