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Polish language level NATIVE

Polish is your first language that you have learned from birth.

- Sources:
base: Language Level base by Faeth-design

- Other levels:
Polish language level NONE by animeXcasoPolish language level RANDOM WORDS by animeXcasoPolish language level BEGINNER by animeXcasoPolish language level INTERMEDIATE by animeXcasoPolish language level EXPERT by animeXcaso

Free Stamp by LumiResources<da:thumb id="167613389">
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używam / using ~
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 Using! Greetings from Poland :-D
dywle's avatar
im not even proud of being polish, but idk gonna use it
TheFlagandAnthemGuy's avatar
well, this is supposed to be just a linguistic ability stamp, not a national pride one
dywle's avatar
im shocked that you decided respond to my comment
TheFlagandAnthemGuy's avatar
you know, after reading lots of "using" and "how do I use this?" it's always nice seeing something different

(also, I still read the comment feedback section)
XxKoxsGamerxX's avatar
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wtf it's not even polish flag XDDD it's used ONLY on ships, maybe 
civil planes (if they travel abroad).
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This is a Polish flag with a coat of arms. The White Eagle is sometimes placed in this place on the flag.
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a necessity to avoid confusion
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They teach us in school that this isn't a polish flag. People who use it are looked down on, so I'm kinda too ashamed to use it as a stamp on my profile :<
AmuletDia-Chan's avatar
Yup, I wanna use stamp with "native" but it isn't polish flag. So, better I will stay with my "expert" stamp. 
The-Parrotious-PL's avatar
Orzeł Biały is sometimes placed on the Polish flag.
AmuletDia-Chan's avatar
Tak, ale flaga z białym orłem NIE JEST flagą Polski. Poczytaj o tym dokładnie.
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