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German language level RANDOM WORDS

Sie kennen einige Wörter, aber nicht genug, um vollständige Sätze zu bilden.

You know some words, but not enough to form complete sentences.

base: Language Level base by Faeth-design
German translation by AeroShimada

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As for German I know a very random assortment of words and can only count to ten, Know what cat is, snake, rattlesnake(this one is funny to me) some colors. Hello, good bye

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I've gotten to know several german words since there's a small german colony in my country.
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I wish I knew this language well. I like it. Too bad I can't speak shit. Just a few words. =P
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Some say it's hard. Hm? What the heck did i press that i write cursive now? Idk...
However. As a german native speaker i can say: if you learned german, you can really play with words.
There may come out so beautiful things. In english not really possible i think.
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I heard that German it's easier to learn if you know English. Since most of it is old English. Could be wrong tho. :shrug:
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Still easier than if you're french, spanish or whatever native speaker.
German has a few additional things like the word "Freund" (friend) is used for girlfriend, boyfriend and a normal friend.
We also have the so-called "cases". Something like he, she, it. Just a bit more complex.
It's hard to describe, because my english is only an "extended communication english".

In german are words for things - as example Banana - written with a big letter in front.
While words for all others are written small. In english, as long as i know, there is all written small.

In my actual signature you see a very good example.
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I think I'm ok with English. for now. :XD:
It's the only language I speak pretty fluently and I like it, although it isn't my native language xP
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the text on this is a big mood XD
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