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British English language level EXPERT

You can use a full range of words and phrases, meaning you speak and write it fluently.

base: Language Level base by Faeth-design

- other levels:
British English language level NONE by animeXcasoBritish English language level RANDOM WORDS by animeXcasoBritish English language level BEGINNER by animeXcasoBritish English language level INTERMEDIATE by animeXcasoBritish English language level NATIVE by animeXcaso

Free Stamp by LumiResources
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Using proudly. The English I learnt is British.
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As someone who has friends living in england, I have gotten to understand a lot of british words not so known by americans.
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i still have to think about what i say when i speak and/or write since i speak 2 other languages, but otherwise, am fluent in the language. does that count as expert level?
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Using for my deviantID
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Out of curiousity, I'm asking that other than a few word changes (Biscuits instead of Cookies, Sweetie Sticks instead of Candy Canes, Candy Floss instead of Cotton Candy, etc.), is British English any different from American English?
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as an american in a european country in a class learning British English, you might be surprised to hear that- yes- there are quite a lot of little differences that essentially wouldn't matter in conversation in terms of understanding one another, but are there regardless. this also goes for different spellings or terminology for things and also much different slang Eyes Emoji 
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Different spelling, favourite VS favorite or realise VS realize.
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Yes, you swear obsessively and grammar is kind of weird. Our handwriting is also different if that counts.
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