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Hungry Android

Android is just hungry!
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As an Android user I agree with this, it's just that I'm not too hungry due to price
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kek that looks tasty
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Ahahahahah so true xDDDD 
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thats why android is slow ...fat and lazy :D :D :D :D 
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Just askin do you know why android is slow???
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I'm pretty sure Apple would disagree. :D
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look at that tummy! XD
May I use it for a sticker (private use). I'm planning to stick it on my car.
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Go for it dude... this is the best version of the image I think :)
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Awww, he's so cute!! I love his happy expression and his cute little belly!
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cool! great one! :D can i use it as my avatar on :D
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True story

I like it
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Would you mind if I get this tattooed? I'll post picture!
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Hihi funny -> rofl
angela1555's avatar's eating an apple... like that company...hehe...(yeah, i'm corny...)
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love the beer gut would you be ok if is used this as my google profile pic?
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:O is amazing! beautiful!!!! :D
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Hi guys, I've had people ask for a t-shirt for this... I've put it up on Zazzle [link] customisable too!

Tweet me pics if you get one :D @fraserntukula
HI This is my new version of dumb android

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I left newton in the image to show that android from the old ages lol,

I hope apple will give me a gift HAHAHAHA :D
What about this [link]

BTW im not an apple fan ,and i never ever use an image editing app

so iknow this is very bad ,and i used images from the internet

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