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The arrival


The Human adventure is only beginning...

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"That measures 12th-power energy...? Thousands of starships couldn't generate that much..."
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Amazing, gorgeous image as always!  :)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is playing for its 40th anniversary in mid-September at a theater near where I live - I'll be watching it at least twice.  Is it wrong that I love ST:TMP so much?  I'm not saying it's the best, but I saw it at just the right time in my young life to make an ever-lasting fond impression/memory.

Live long and prosper!  :)
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It's OK, my personal favorite underrated gem is The Final Frontier

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And mine is Generations, but who's counting? :P

Actually, my only real gripe with Final Frontier is the...we'll say subpar...special effects it used, but we can blame Paramount for being cheapskates for that. Otherwise, Final Frontier is a campy, but fun, Trek film. :D

As for TMP, if you're just wanting a film with lots of excellent special effects for the era, then TMP's definitely your film. But if you're after a film with a engaging, well-written plot, well...not so much. TMP's plot does come together and become intriguing towards the end, right about where Spock does his spacewalk scene...but it's slow-going until then, sadly. It's a plot that probably would've worked better as the TV episode pilot it was originally conceived as than a full-length feature film, but so much for regrets.
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And so it begins... La la la la 

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Gorgeous shot! I seriously do not understand why TMP gets so much guff from Star Trek fans. It's one of the few movies that really embodies the "seek out new life-forms" part of Trek.
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Thank you very much!

TMP needs to be re-evaluated for its merits. Also TFF. Both great movies, yet all people know them for their shortcomings.

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Looks like V'Ger
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As the enterprise slowly moved closer towards the unknown phenomenon, the bridge officers looked on with a mixture of curiosity and intrepidation, this thing had vaporized three Klingon attack cruisers and the starfleet listening post near the Klingon neutral zone, leaving not a trace for no apparent reason
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*cue creepy mysterious music*

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Love it! Happy 40th Anniversary, "TMP!"
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Thank you very much!

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Two astronomical units in diameter...
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