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Red world

A dead world, yet so beautiful to explore...

Models by me
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Thank you very much!
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*gets childhood memories*
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Glorious sir - just glorious :D

Something new Trek misses....
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Thank you very much!
The Galaxy class. My favorite class.
I am reminded of the Enterprise D. Ahhh I miss her.
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This is the Enterprise-D :D
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Maybe not the most beautyfull world but a great pic!
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Yeah, Star Trek did visit a lot of beautiful worlds...and some ugly ones as well.
One major mistake that Star Trek, in all of its forms, consistently made: if a planet has an oxygen atmosphere, the chances are overwhelming that some form of life must be thriving there. That life may be plankton, but even plankton is life. There may be no intelligent life, and there my be no animal life at all, but that's still a long ways from being "no life".
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Who knows. Maybe life was sub-surface, the crews just never dug deep enough.
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Galaxy class battleships are beautiful and powerful. I would love to owe one!
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I'm partial to the TOS ships, but I wouldn't say no to a Galaxy :D
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I wouldn't say no to a Galaxy or Prometheus because them ships are real bad ass!
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exciting to explore... :D
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Is there a Polarisverse version of a Galaxy class starship? Or is this Picard and his bully boys?
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>bully boys

What do you think the Federation is, the Gestapo or something?
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Depends on who you ask--they seem to be that way in the Kelvin universe.  And Starfleet Command in Picard's time had its share of fascists too
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No, that was just terrible writing wasting the potential (and missing the point) of Section 31 in the Kelvin timeline. As for 'Starfleet command having fascists', it's a quasi-miliatery organization. I'm pretty sure everyone as some authoritarian leanings given the structure and given that Starfleet and not the civilian government is the main focus of the show...

Are you entirely sure you know what fascism is? Because most people mistake authoritarianism for it.… 
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