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Peaceful war machine

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The Dominion War marked the end of the Federation's latest golden age. The glass cannon that was the majestic Galaxy class turned out to be a failure, being overshadowed by smaller, more manouverable and more heavily armed starships. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, refitted after the Battle of Veridian, once again underwent modifications after the Shinzon incident. Realizing the full pontential of the Galaxy class, the Enterprise continues on her voyages of exploration and defence under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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always did like this variant better. although I still like the sovereign more. I mean the sovereign looks like she doing warp 9 standing still. but the galaxy is more like the federations ideals.

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a war machine be Peaceful? No war machine is peaceful, is a war machine, yes use it for peace but is still a war machine!
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Federatrion hypocricy 101 :D

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well i say this is stupid to think is a peaceful war machine, war is never be peaceful!
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Fantastic as always. Have they fixed the starboard power coupling issue? :)
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Bout time!! Lol
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Is this a mirror universe or Kelvin universe galaxy class variant starship
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No, this is how it has appeared in the TNG finale All good things

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But it is an alternative universe version, as in the prime universe the enterprise d could not be salvaged
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Nice job with the Anti-time verse Dreadnought Galaxy-X, A beautiful image.
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Thank you very much!

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The Galaxy class itself wasn't a failure, it was how Starfleet was depicted in the 24th century that doomed it.  The TOS series was run a lot more like a military, only Starfleet personnel were allowed on the ships.

By the 24th century (as portrayed in TNG) Starfleet was closer to the Audubon Society than the actually spiritual successor of the current navies we have now.  I realize that there was a lot of idealism in the series (which we've effectively lost with the newest devolutions of the franchise) but they forgot that there were a lot of dangerous stuff out there that's coming right for the ship they send to look into a distress signal.

I've never thought the Galaxy class was a truly bad class (that territory belongs to the Excelsior) but the producers of the show created too many problems.

Having said all of that I did love the Galaxy-X (ah 90's era EXTREME!  TO THE MAX!!!) that showed up in the series finale.
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This is just my humble opinion the but I agree the Galaxy class itself wasn't a failure, it was how Starfleet was depicted in the 24th century that doomed it. Does anybody remember Fleet Admiral Cartwright speech in Star Trek The Undiscovered Country when he stated.

 "I must protest. To offer the Klingons a safe haven within Federation space is suicide. Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy. And if we dismantle the fleet, we'd be defenceless before an aggressive species with a foothold on our territory. The opportunity here is to bring them to their knees. Then we'll be in a far better position to dictate terms." :D (Big Grin) 

Well, he was correct to a degree I don’t agree that the Klingons would be trash, but  I do agree with one thing he did say, about dismantling the fleet, they would be defenceless before an aggressive species with a foothold on Federation territory,” And what happened they dismantled the military sections of the fleet, and kept only the exploration and scientific fleets active.:) (Smile) 

With almost the complete loss of the military arm of Starfleet the Federation opened themselves up to attack, the most apparent examples of this is the the Borg invasion, Cardassian border wars, and the Dominion war that followed it, where the former forced the Federation to come to the negotiation table and the latter almost destroyed the Federation all together. The military branch could of worked with the exploration and scientific branched and could of helped design the Galaxy class to encompass all their needs at that time.:) (Smile) Heart   
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I think ultimately what doomed the Galaxy class (especially how it was portrayed) was the decade that TNG debuted in.

The 80's.

The feel good, we should get in touch with our feelings decade.

And there was some lingering disgust in the military from the Vietnam War still lurking around at the time, hell it was probably worse in Hollywood back then.
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"I've never thought the Galaxy class was a truly bad class (that territory belongs to the Excelsior)"

DO go on :D
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I'm old enough to have seen the Excelsior class when it was brand spanking new.  After seeing the Constitution class and the Miranda class and the Oberth class in the show (only one at the time) and the movies seeing Starfleet's "brave new step forward" got the instant reaction of "da hell is this thing?"

I've always thought it was garbage and there's really nothing that can be said to make me think otherwise.  Outside of the Enterprise-J it's the most funny lookin ship Starfleet has.
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Ha ha XD

I suppose I had a similar experience when I first watched through the movies as a kid. It's probably the writers' fault for it, but the way the Excelsior was introduced in such a "villainous" or adversarial light in Search For Spock... I never got over that.

Now the Enterprise-B refit I quite like, oddly enough.
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The problem I had with it was the fact the secondary hull and the warp nacelles were stretched out compared to most of the other ships we've seen in the various series.  It makes the ship look worse and worse after seen the Ambassador class and the Akira class and so on and so forth.

To me it just looks dumb, was over hyped with the "brand new feature" being highly vulnerable, and wound up being drug out too many times especially in TNG since that was the ready model for a ship that was needed as the other ship in a shot with the Enterprise.

The Enterprise-B refit looked extra funny looking to me.
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Yeah, it's pretty annoying what the budget cuts caused in terms of Excelsior over-saturation.

The Ambassador class was criminally under used. It's one of my absolute favorite designs.
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Dunno about budget cuts, the budget was pretty tight for the shows even at the height of TNG especially.  It's the classic thing of "this show that needs a lot of special effects has a budget that forces creativity".  Also the special effects up until 2002 were a little rough as well.

I do have to admit I would've loved to have seen the Ambassador class get used more often.  I mean hell it could've been used in a few episodes of DS9 to break things up.
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