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Low orbit fight

Captain Garth was a strategical and tactical genius. He was the first to combine many aspects of spatial warfare, forming a than-unique method to fight the enemy. He understood how the known weakness of Klingon ships could be exploited: target the interconnecting neck and let the gravity well of a planet do the rest...

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heh... and I couldn't help but think of my character, the tactician and mercenary Aries Passadar, from my comic, Lone Candle, when I saw the name of that ship...
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Sweet!  Great work there.  Love the Ares-Class, such a shame we'll never truly see her in action--images like this help ease the pain though.
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Thank you very much!

I hope the movie gets made...
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I hope the reason CBS took legal action is because this will be the 2017 series!
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Sadly, things went too far, and they poked CBS/Paramount a little too hard with things like selling coffee, a donor store where for a specific "donation" you could get specific "perks". There was also the fact that the lawsuit happened not very long after the finances were released showing that Peters paid himself a wage and them touting it as a professional independent production. Each of these things on their own may not have gotten a response, but together they were enough to get CBS/Paramount to put together the lawsuit.
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CBS went too far themselves. Instead of pulling the Axanar team aside and quietly going, look you guys are going too far too fast and we'd like you to ease up and not cross some of these lines, they went ahead and decided to go public with legal action.

Mark my words, if CBS wins the lawsuit, my fan fiction here and millions like it will be sued for all we are worth. Companies are cracking down on copyright infringement because even the smallest offense makes then millions hand over fist, because the courts almost always rule in their favor.
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CBS told them in August of last year. I think four months was a good forewarning.
From "The Wrap" in August - “CBS has not authorized, sanctioned or licensed this project in any way, and this has been communicated to those involved,” a representative from the network told TheWrap. “We continue to object to professional commercial ventures trading off our property rights and are considering further options to protect these rights.” (Paramount did not return TheWrap’s request for comment.)
Also going after fan fiction writers wouldn't be worth it as it would cost them more in legal action than what they would get back as they would have to go after each offender separately and most aren't exactly rich. The worst you'd probably get is a cease and desist.
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To which I would send back to CBS a big F-you. I still stand with Axanar regardless.
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Reminds me of a cover of the old FASA or Starfleet Battles game books.
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Hm, yeah, I see your point :D
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