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Federation begins

The newly refitted Starship Enterprise tours the Coalition of Planets homeworlds.

Models by me
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It looks great and all, but why does this projected refit have two navigational deflectors? I see this all the time when someone presents this model and scratch my head.
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Maybe the saucere mounted deflector serves as just the navigational deflector
artywest's avatar
Wow, fantastic lighting, -this and other renders!
thefirstfleet's avatar
Thank you very much!
DalekOfBorg's avatar
BLB! (Beautiful Little Beast!)
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Traeumer1981's avatar
Wish we had seen the NX-01 like this in the Show.
MirrorKhaos's avatar
I always enjoy seeing the NX proposed refit.
thefirstfleet's avatar
Me too. I built the original NX just that I could build the refit version thereafter.
RandomSketchGeek247's avatar
Wish we could have gotten this one :)
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Aurora-7's avatar
Beautiful. Love the NX refit design.
James-Is-James's avatar
With two sensor dishes!
KingSnake01's avatar
They're deflector dishes
Aurora-7's avatar
Hey, Voyager and Equinox had two.
thefirstfleet's avatar
For the price of one!
Phenometron's avatar
Captain Archer sure has a fine ship.
Mindslave24-7's avatar
:tantrum: If only they would have made that season....:cries:
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