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fury of the nightblades

Dark Elves, mighty and beautifull ancient creatures that usually live in the shadow of the moonlight. But when the peace of the magical forest is in danger, elvish silver is cutting icecold the air of the night. War cries echo in the dawn of war, the fury of the nightblades...
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they look like witch elves
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and they were. it was one of my earliest assignements i did for warhammer, back then i did this assignement for sabertooth games :) its been 10 years and a few official warhammer covers since this ^^
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I really love your gallery, they look amazing
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i absolutely ADORE this pic!

wonderful to the max
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Here's some of the best wow-art that I've seen
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it's been one of my first works for Warhammer many years ago but i do love WoW ^^
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Amazing! Wgat program do you use? or tools? :O JAW DROPPER
TheFirstAngel's avatar
photoshop. sometimes painter :) but main tool is my cintiq ^^
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so pretty. i luv dark elves <3
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yep dark eldars rock :D
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oh this is gorgeous
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"I surrender, mistress. Now that I am your captive, would you like a backrub?"
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you are very talented :)
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Nightblades? They look more like Warhammer Witch Elves to me, or at least they would if they were paler and wearing black instead of silver. Whatever they are, absolutely stunning!
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its correct, they are whitches. was one of the earliest pieces i've painted for warhammer. glad i got better at it xD
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I thought the same thing honestly.
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