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Sylvanas - Fallen

The fallen Lady, Queen of the Forsaken - when i returned her a pendant i had found, venturing high up into a cursed tower - for a moment found her once elvish heart again, singing in a beautiful yet so magic moment the lament of the highborne. [link]

i wanted to paint her since ages - my secondfav undead character (just after Emily, the corpsebride *awwww*) and since i do lots of speedies right now i thought i share one of my countless world of warcraft pieces i got on my disk, waiting to be done with you.

for all who had goosebumps in this moment as well, here goes Lady Sylvanas Windrunner for you...

Sylvanas Windrunner is a character from World of Warcraft
all copyrights reserved by Blizzard entertainement.
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hi dear friend,

here is another video with your beautiful artwork. i´m really thankful for the permission to use this.

thank you very much :-)

cheers frank schlimbach
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my pleasure Frank :)
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You have captured that moment so well!!!~~ Absolutely loved it!
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I got goosebumps for sure.
This is one of my all time favorite paintings, I actually commented here two years ago while using a dif acc. Found myself coming back.
Amazing job.
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yay thanks so much :D
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noooooooo don't cry , My Lady!!!!!
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So much feels.
Such awesome art. I love it
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excellent painting and lighting. not a big fan of sylvannas, but she's not entirely without redeeming value and your painting does her justice.  i specifically enjoyed the song.  i have her music box on one of my chars and occasionally boot it up in stormwind.  :D
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:) she's one of the most tragical badasses in wow and i'm pretty sure she's going to have a lot more story. definately loved that chain on hordeside - For now i can't wait until we get Warlords, for my main since is a Draenei female and she gets the chance to set things right, go back in time and make a stand :D
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ima grow my hair out and look like her someday

great draw
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awwwh thanks :D i'm sure you'll look awesome :D
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Very nice!
It is beautiful!
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