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Sylvanas - Fallen



The fallen Lady, Queen of the Forsaken - when i returned her a pendant i had found, venturing high up into a cursed tower - for a moment found her once elvish heart again, singing in a beautiful yet so magic moment the lament of the highborne. [link]

i wanted to paint her since ages - my secondfav undead character (just after Emily, the corpsebride *awwww*) and since i do lots of speedies right now i thought i share one of my countless world of warcraft pieces i got on my disk, waiting to be done with you.

for all who had goosebumps in this moment as well, here goes Lady Sylvanas Windrunner for you...

Sylvanas Windrunner is a character from World of Warcraft
all copyrights reserved by Blizzard entertainement.
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