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None had walked the Emerald Valley for years for the cold grip of the undead had taken merciless control over the once holy place of the elves. An elvish rouge enters the scene, she draws her enchanted blades and blessed flames enlight the dark passage, for danger fills the air. The Spellsword walks in, to bring redemption to those, who had been cursed for too long.

Done for for Ilex-Press UK's Fantasy Art NOW! as a exclusive WIP… , where i posted my steps on page 6.
painted in ps cs2 on my wacom cintiq 21ux

*edit updated to the slightly colorgraded version, and painted a fogpass, and gave her a scalemail for protective reasons ^^
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Really great work! :love:
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Crazy good work!
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beautiful! i love the details on her armor, dont want imagine the time you ''wasted'' in these detail... well actually they're not wasted at all :D (Big Grin)

Really like it :) (Smile) 
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hehe thanks. yep, the whole dedaillevel was stupidly high, a true test of patience ^^
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She is amazing! I love the pose, the soft yet bold coloring, the clothes of the elven girl. You have huge talents!
Yo, I dont know any Illustrators and I need to write a biography of a book illustrator, anybody know??
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talk to Todd Lockwood. he's a living legend and still one of my greatest idols. not only an awesome artist but also down to earth person who very likely might be great to write about. [link] send him my regards ^^
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This is a very good piece, Nice work :)
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Incredible detail, awesome armor and a sexy expression! Amazing work :D
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I found you works on Facebook 1st. Truly awesome. I will love to see what more great work you create next.
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cool :) i post them here, finally made it to stuff my art of page ^^ [link]
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Awesome! Thank you!
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This is incredible! I love the amount of detail, especially in the armor!
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Hey, that's my name! :D
Awesome work, looking really great.
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