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Space awaits you

"copy this we're going in!"

Speedy i made ftw of picking up an old concept. Went through a sketchsession giving a go. Somewhere in the middle i realised erm that looks like something i know... and ended up so close to Starcrafts Kerrigan i was like... oh well. Kinda liked it none the less and thought i share it :)

I need to prepare a set of pieces right now for a bigger feature so i may take this one on my "bring it to the polished end" list as well.

well i hope you enjoy my sunday afternoonspeedy
unintentially ending up as a somethig like a starcraftish piece :P
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I like the chick in the back, she looks cool
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thank you :D yep she's one kick ass gal :D
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I love the atmosphere... Fantastic work!
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It does not reminds me of Starcraft (not enough Protoss or zerg in it ) but it is still very nice :) . The armour actually puts Hellgate London in mind.
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thank you :D may do some protoss or Zerg soon, still got game of thrimes stuff to finnish, some Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and some Accursed in my pipeline, and a possible test assignement by Blizzard ^^
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Good work. Cold world - cold professionalist.
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very kool ^_^
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Nice work - and that guy... judging by the proportions, must be one hell of a huge guy.
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yep he's huge :D in the future, our souldiers may have much time on their way to their missions to work out in deep space ;)
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This looks like the glorious love-child of Starcraft and Gears of War XD I love it!! I greatly enjoy this sunday speedy
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ahhaha awesome :D thanks
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Love the blue :)
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thanks :D blue is my fav color as you know :)
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