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Song of Elune

"The huntress Nelina and her beloved cat return to Teldrassil, the crown of the world. After so many battles, she came back to the place where she was born and for a brief moment, the wind carries the song of Elune to her, blowing away all the pain and sorrow of a world in conflict."

This is a speedy i done for Imagine FX and it was great to paint my WoW main. Tho there's much i would change, for the short time I had to do it - it's been fast and fun.
It's thinkable, if I should find the time, I'd might get back to this and get it done a bit more defined. Here goes a promissed little update, hope you enjoy :)

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great work, so much details and life in it. I love Teldrassil over many other zones as well, feels like home.
may Elune be with you
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thanks :) Elune adore :)
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Wonderful composite ! Excellent work .......
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The lighting, the armor, the details, This is so gorgeous oh my god
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amazing work :D that is so cool :3
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your welcome ^_^
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Wow, this is totally the aura of the environment I get when I venture back to Teldrassil. Great nostalgia. Beautiful
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it's fantastic! :3
I especially love the backround and her armour. ♥
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Great job!!
'tis very epic
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Beautiful job, I love her, :la: gorgeous improvision on her armour, love the colouring, her facial expression, everything! :)

How old is Nelina?? Do you RP her? My only reason in asking is that I saw you put that she was born on Teldrassil, meaning she can't be older than (approx) 20 Human years, as Teldrassil was planted only after the destruction of Nordrassil. I put that my Night Elf was born in Feralas. Once i realized that Teldrassil wasn't that old, I had to change my character story around a bit.
Just wanted to point that out, (not trolling i swear) :D
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thanks you much :D I don't really RP intensly, sometimes i join and add the little i can come up with or just take a moment and enjoy listening to those who do a lot better than i ever could ^^
Lorewise, as far as I know, at the end of Reign of Chaos, Nightelves gave up their immortality in order to overwhelm Archie and Furion went dream again, and somewhen then shortly after, Teldrassil was planted, yes? So many happend we seen TFT, Arthas becoming the Lichking, Illidan's outland part, so many many great storylines ... Then came what we now know as Vanilla Timeline ^^... I was unaware this all happend in only 20 human years :)
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I couldn't believe it had only been 20 years as well :P a lot of shit happened in that time haha.
It took some deeper research for me to see that timing had passed.
But you have the basic idea :) At the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Furion blew the Horn of the Ancients that summoned Ancestral Spirits to defeat Archimonde, by summoning Nordrassil and nature's raw fury, and severing the tie to the Well of Eternity, the blessing of immortality that Nozdormu had blessed upon the Great Tree for the Night Elves had been severed.
Because of the damage to Nordrassil, after the war, like you said, Malfurion went back into the Emerald Dream to help aid in its recovery :D

I'm just glad you appreciate the storylines of the lore :D it's nice to see it haha
I did a lot of what you're doing with RP when i first started, just watched how people interacted. when i finally started investing in it, i laugh at myself now :P such a dolt.
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