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Flames of magic

"In ages past, there were gifted persons who were able to manipulate the very essence of the powers that surround us. Controlled by mind and soul, the spiritual energy of nature manifested and became what was known as the Flames of Magic..."

:)speedpainting on a wacom cintiq 21ux + photoshop

edit: fxlight and bra redone finally found time to bring it to its end. :D weee print is available :D
edit: slightly colorcorrected and slightly turned her head and slightly fluffed up her gear as i prepared it for a reprint :)
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Very good! LOve her pose and the lighting!
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Magnificent and Absolutely Captivating ........ I am speechless :)
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awwwh thanks :) ^^ it's been quite a while since i did this one :D
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Gorgeous piece of work!
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Your Welcome...Keep up the hard work.^_^
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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful
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Thats actually really cool besides the fact that there's boobies xD
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heheh yeah i'd paint it a bit less skimpy these days but then she's a mage, she wont meleefight ^^
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this is really magic, nicely details
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wow nice effects
nice colors
nice pic
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OMG! thats amazing!
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