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The Odyssey

"Hmm. Homer's Odyssey. Is this about that minivan I rented once?"

Kind of been lacking in art ideas lately. At least I still had some sketches from a while back lying around. I must have drawn this back when I got Season 13 on DVD. I always draw a lot of images based on the episodes of a particular season as soon as it is released. So I suppose you can expect a lot of Season 14 and Futurama Season 6 artwork coming up sometime soon.
This is of course based on the first part of Tales From The Public Domain. I don't know why, but I do a lot more Homer/Marge artwork than I intend to.
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Oh the irony to is that the author of the book the Odyssey was the Greek by the name of Homer.
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Say, did Bart have to deal with suitors trying to woo his mother Marge while Homer was spending 10 more years trying to get back home?
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I never knew you did a "Homer" - I went a different way with my idea [link] :)
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My first thought upon looking at this was "Homercles cares not for beans!"

Great drawing though, and I love that episode... Particularly when they have to travel through Styx...Hahaha!
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That was such a fun episode. I just love greek mythology and I found that Homer and Marge had the perfect roles for Penelope and Odysseus (Hope I got their names right?).:heart:
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Great picture and design. Very well realised.
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my english teacher showed this episode when we studied the Odyssey! lol anyways, well done!
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I really like this, your colouring gets better and better. :)

:hmm: but I really miss the black line around their hair. It feels like it's needed, to me.
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"Hi there, O-diddly-yseuss."
"Stupid king of Troy!"
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