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As The Rush Comes



Prediction: 5-6 views. Fact: don't care, as I think this is wonderful. You know that feeling when you're at a rave, a festival, whatever, and the DJ brings the music up, up ever so slowly? Like you're building towards an "explosion"? The DJ gets you right there, right at the edge, then... the music fades again before the all-wanted, all-needed release? That's the moment I see here so beautifully. She's in a crowd with everyone experiencing the same love for everyone and the music, the same tension & ever-growing need for release, the lights/sound/synchronicity of everyone's dancing. As the rush comes.

Though to me, she has a slight "aloneness" to her expression. Why is she so far from everyone? Why does she look so intense instead of carefree? Is she enjoying herself, did any potentially magical substances fade and she's in desperate need of water? So many questions. 

Or maybe it's just a boring picture of a girl at a rave to you. That's ok too.

Also, the song title to one of my favorite House/Trance songs. 
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Tried another a while back: "Flipping Candy". Little different vibe. Glowsticks rock. Electronic music is awesome.

Flipping Candy