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Cosplayed Alice...bloomed!

I discovered a picture in DA where a cosplayer shows slightly her undergarments. Well guess what? I made an interesting edit :D :D

Here's the original link by @VelvetNeko:
  Down the Rabbit hole by VelvetNeko
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Cette brunette ne devait pas du tout s'attendre à subir cette violente rafale de vent pour endurer cette situation embarrassante.

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Haha so sweet !

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Surprised you put the OG source since you did not for that one of Anna you did a while back. Anyway, amazing work as always. 
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Oh it's simply because she never showed her bloomers, not even slightly. Besides, i only respect her privacy
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Love her surprised expression and pose with her raised heels! Always fun to see a Victorian "Oops!" scene. :) 
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I had a feeling that you would. Definitely a delightful accidental pin-up moment. A perfect combination of the Victorian aesthetic in the style of Gil Elvgren. B-)
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I had a feeling that you would too. Underdressed, Nineteenth Century embarrassment is so cute. That's quite an indignant face she's pulling. If the wind changes it might get stuck that way... As the saying goes. :)
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Yes, it is a very cute thing. Let us count on the winds to be consistent with their "magic". ;)
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Funny weather we're having! :)
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that's our friendly weather :D
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Friendly and convenient too! I do so enjoy the pics of yours where the bloomered damsels are utterly embarrassed. :)
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(Chuckle) Yes...a very interesting edit, indeed. ;)

I remember this picture from a few years ago. Thank you for including a link to the original and giving it new life with your magic touch.

She is a very dedicated cosplayer who really pulled off the classic Alice in Wonderland dress and included the right shoes, stockings, and bloomers. I love how you included a view of her startled pin-up expression; she knows that the wind in the forest has just lifted her skirt up in the classic Marilyn Monroe style, displaying her perfect undergarments.

Nice job giving new life to this classic cosplayer pin-up, I've already added this to my collection of favorites. :D :+fav: :clap:
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To be honnest, she is not even aware. She didn't yet answer for having permission. I think she's inactive in D.A
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That may be possible. Still, you did an excellent job with this. I think that she would be flattered.
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i dunno...some ladies find this offensive. like for instance a DA cosplayer blocked me just because i put many of her bloomers shots in the accurate favorites folder (bloomers section).

some examples of hers, i guess you may recognize this person:

Swirl and Twirl by BellesAngel      To the Sky by BellesAngel      

Sincerly, i don't really see the point on doing this to me. It's not like i've added her pics in an explicit sexual folder.
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Yes, I do recognize who it is. I guess it all depends on the lady & her sensibilities. Only a select few people such as us know what a good picture that is designed to be a tasteful pin-up or tease is really means. A pity that some people cannot or will not recognize the beauty in it, but I hold true to my feelings and continue to be a great fan of you and your work. B-)
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maybe you can draw up skirt pic of her  Hurry up Sosuke by RainOwls
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HAAHAHAA fantastic! <3
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