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Brother and Sister PC Gaming night

 One night me and my brother decided since its our day off from work we decided to play a couple of pc games. he's playing league of legends and I'm playing team fortress 2. So as were playing im kicking some ass with my demoman until i look up and i see my brother staring at the screen but with a pissed off look. i ask "whats wrong . . . " he then replies to me with a fucked up attitude "the fuck did you say to me". i start to freak out a little right. So as im about to ask whats wrong again he then gets up slams his hands on the table and shouts " THE CRABS ARE OUT EARLY!!!". I freaked out so bad that out of impulse i accidentally threw my bean and cheese burrito on his nice white shirt. He looked at his shirt then looked at me, and holy crap it was the most awkward moment i have ever been in. He finally breaks the silence " did you really throw a been and cheese burrito on my freaking shirt". my only reply was " . . . awesome".