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I felt this was a good post to store in the journal so I copied it over from the website....

There won't be any Whimsy related content for a while so I present to you another side note for discussion, one of my more premature ponderings, voice acting.

Although I'd never want to use too much voice acting, that is to say every line wouldn't be voiced out, it's always something I'm thinking about. One day I would like for it to happen, but right now it's pretty much out of the question. The chance someone could actually do a voice for a low price and not sound amateurish is incredibly low. I'm extremely picky and when it comes to things like this and currently I'm pretty cheap as well : )

Well enough about why I can't do it, let's delve a bit more into my delusion.What should the characters sound like? While I have a number of ideas I'll limit to list to characters I've covered more frequently.

Tone: Light, Quizzical, Relaxed, Upbeat, Intelligent, Playful, Cheerful, Nervous, Sorrowful, Cheesy
Felix is an odd character with a personality so cheerful and carefree that it comes off annoying sometimes. While happy and laidback, his tone is also sad and nervous, often fluctuating between the two very quickly. On rarer occasions he takes a more aggressive or darker tone, typically he takes this form in life or death scenarios.

Best Representation:
A lot of years ago I said the best representation for Felix was Sebastian Arcelus for his role as Yoh Asakura in Shaman King, but now it's probably more closer to Tadahiro Amatsu in Shrine of the Morning Mist. Hiro captures his nervousness and has a more adult tone but is too serous. Yoh captures his upbeat tone fairly well but doesn't sound old enough. I'm positive a mix of these voice would work very well.

Tone: Pessimistic, Grumpy, Cocky, Loner, Immature, Brash, Offensive, Carefree, Annoyed, Sarcastic, Lazy
Wiley is the type of character to say exactly what he is thinking, as long as what he's thinking isn't a compliment. While his tone can sound angry, it its really just sarcastic and angsty. When this layer is peeled back he seems much less threatening to those around him. He has a slapstick sense of humor and has no problem laughing at or making fun of people.

Best Representation:
A lot of years ago I said the best representation for Wiley was Richard Ian Cox for his role as Inuyasha. That hasn't changed at all. If there was one role I could hear clearly in my head it would be his, probably because they're so similar. Although there are a lot of angry loner characters out there, he sticks out for some reason.

Tone: Prissy, Witty, Cynical, Deceptive, Dramatic, Glamorous, Snarky, Mischievous, Scornful, Playful, Poetic
Karina likes to smile, but it's more of a devilish smile. She enjoys speaking in posh girlish tones and has a very upper class laugh. When others know her well enough however, she may switch to her natural cynical tone which is still posh but more dominant and snide, her laugh also changes sounding more evil. Her less playful side shows her intellectual tone more but is usually accompanied by a bitter tone.

Best Representation:
I really don't have one. Rachael Lillis's Jessie role from Pokemon set the baseline for the characters style of speech but the role is so comedic that using my imagination to fill in the gaps would likely be a stretch. I've only listened to a sample, but Jamie Marchi's role of Helen from Claymore seems to come very close, but the character seems to have an air-headed tone to her which throws things off. I may look more into the actual show more one day.

While I don't have the means to produce actual voice actors, it's always fun to think about things like this ahead of time. If anyone out there is remotely interested in voice acting or just voices in general please visit www.behindthevoiceactors.com. It's a very excellent site!
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