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The Adventures of Felix Fox, is it some lighthearted series about the miscellaneous tales a screwy fox or some dark serious series depicting the flaws of society? I like to think it can be both, but the polarity there feels a bit more extreme than anything I can think of. Giving a wrong impression is always something on my mind.

Going from Tale of the Night to World of Whimsy, you'd probably think, what happened! How does one go from hunting sadist bears, to talking to happy flowers? I honestly don't know, anyone whose played the past games probably realizes I like to change things up a lot, but I sometimes wonder if I'm in need of a bit of consistency. It's not that I think people wouldn't like a little variety in their stories but rather I get worried I can send the wrong message. Adults shying away and infants gravitating towards the games is the opposite of what I want.

The series can be preachy, and violent, and it loves dabbling in the gray areas, but I always do my best to keep it all in good taste. Every year it feels as though the saying "it's just a game" doesn't really apply anymore. I suppose it could be just a game, but where's the fun in that! : ) (the fun for  me that is)

Upbeat, depressing, funny, no matter what tone I use I believe the once constant is that every one of them is presented realistically.
It's a pretty stable glue for me, but is it as stable for everyone else? Should be interesting to see how the polarity plays out.
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As strange as it sounds, I was thinking about wrapping the game up inside the next game but I couldn't find a way to do it both smoothly and efficiently. I've been thinking about doing it in some other form though.

Then again, Haggard was never really an important character. :D
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Seems Like A Good Idea. :)
Pity As An Xbox Game We Couldn't See More Of Felix Fox.
Was Looking Forward To Seeing WHat Happened After You Fought Haggid.
(Forgot The Name Of The Bear. ^^;)
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Yes! Metal Gear Solid is a pretty good example of doing violence in good taste! (From what I've played anyway)
Mortal Kombat would probably be my example for bad taste.
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I'm fine with surreal/fantasy stuff, since that's part of what I expect out of a thought-provoking or unique game. As long as stuff isn't like OMG GORE AND BLOOD EVERYWHERE I'll probably be fine with it. And even then, Metal Gear Solid games have some amount of blood in them, but I think they're masterful works. (Though I kinda enjoy it more as a movie than as a game.)