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Wow spring came pretty fast.... ehh and the summer after it too. Welp, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. I'm a slowpoke.. ~_~

I swear, I have absolutely zero intention of leaving this project unfinished. It's been a blend of perfectionism combined with needlessly badgering myself, leading to lowered enthusiasm.

I used to be very quick with projects which is why this it's been so frustrating. I suppose it's like quicksand, the more you struggle the faster you sink.

Anyhoo, I'll reappear when I've reached a certain milestone. I may not have gotten very far but I've never stopped moving. I'm a very busy snail.

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12 years ago i first played game named "tandem tales" on my first windows xp pc, i was still a child back then, i didnt even had internet at that times, i just bought some disks with games and it was here. also i completely didnt understand that game, it was very hard and weird, but for some reason this game get in my mind for this long 12 years. also i searched it for almost a year, and recently i was scrolling some win xp games on random pirate site and found it. now i finished it and i can rest in peace with my finished childhood memories. i dont really want to say "thanks" or something like that because this whole time all this game did to me was remembering it from time to time. i still cant understand this game. i just cant get that "game soul" that every good indie dev includes in. but enough of it, what else i wanted to say is that something is missing there, maybe i just already forget but wasnt here some space like location with boss in it? and for last - did you arrange music yourself? i really liked "brickroad", "dreamscape" and "forest", although brickroad is bloodlines from castlevania, dreamscape is quick man theme from megaman and im sure forest is something from other game too