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Sweet Dreams

I was aiming for a higher quality but man, comic strips are time consuming! I would've never finished!

Maybe I can streamline the process a bit in the future.
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I tried to find the worst part... and I think it's the "faculty party". Ha ha wait I need to translate that actually. The quality is good, their expressions are perfect.

Obviously, those sorry foxes need somebody to cheer them up:…
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Hey they had to come from somewhere...then again its a dream so maybe I was overthinking a bit : )

I suppose quality comes with practice which is hard when I'm spread out so thin, of the top of my head though I wanna try using thinner outlines. Or maybe even no outlines OOOooOOooOOOo
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This is a relatable comic!
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Haha, loosely based on a true story.
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Much Appreciated ^_^
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Anytime - It's beena while, how've you been? =3
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Overthinking things as usual but think I'm getting closer towards the light. Thanks for asking ; D
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It’s a wonderful work!
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