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I'm a game developer working in a career game design! I deal with programming, writing, music, and of course art. I enjoy all the creativity!

Felix, the unlucky fox with a self-contradicting name, is the character pioneering the seemingly endless task. The series has a lot of thought put into it.

Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop... Elements
Other Interests
Videogames, Writing, Animals
Being very quiet... 😋
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Wow spring came pretty fast.... ehh and the summer after it too. Welp, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. I'm a slowpoke.. ~_~ I swear, I have absolutely zero intention of leaving this project unfinished. It's been a blend of perfectionism combined with needlessly badgering myself, leading to lowered enthusiasm. I used to be very quick with projects which is why this it's been so frustrating. I suppose it's like quicksand, the more you struggle the faster you sink. Anyhoo, I'll reappear when I've reached a certain milestone. I may not have gotten very far but I've never stopped moving. I'm a very busy snail.
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I went dark for a while... sorry about that! I needed a bit of soul searching! My webhost just up and shutdown out of nowhere a little over a year ago, then after pondering if it was even worth looking for a new one 2020 happened... yeah, not going into that. I've been in a rut/taking some time off and I'm now finally back... sort of. I still have no idea what my central location will be or if I really need one at all. I've grown in a lot of ways in this time, but I'm still a terrible marketer. My main issue before I considered even writing this was getting the character designs under control and I believe I've truly done it! The designs are a significant deviation from where I was, but that's nothing new. Hopefully it will convey the tone I'm going for a lot more. I'm shifting my focus heavily towards game development so I probably won't be making much of any art. I'll be sure to post updates though, once I figure out where. If the pacing is excellent, World of Whimsy should
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You still working on your game? 😀

Slowly but surely! ;D

Dude you are just awesome !!!
Just bought Tale of the Night. Great game! I plan on playing it again. And again. And again... and some battle mode... and back to the game again... and you know.
Wow thanks! Always glad to get feedback (good or bad, put preferably good ; D).

The next game will be a tad bit different but a much higher quality.
Happy Birthday, Wendell!

You're the best! X3