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This is Only a Test

It seriously was just a test, but I decided to post it anyhow, since it has a simple charm to it. ... and maybe having something up will give me a little incentive to keep going...

:icondevilwolfie: is responsible for the background. This is a preview of our upcoming work that we'll hopefully be doing together.

There's a lot more that I wanted to do to it before I posted it, but I finally decided to put it up as is. It's one of my problems, after all, to change things to much and realise just how unhappy I am with them. I've just got to pull the band aid off-- quick and painless. I'll just ignore all those arm hairs through my watery eyes. Yeah. That's a good idea.

Don't ask about the text, it was just something to put there.

For the same reason, don't ask about the category I put this under.

I'm pretty hopefull for how this is going to go. Our styles that we use now have a delightful contrast, and I know we both like to experiment. Any questions or comments from anyone out thar?

(I REALLY, REALLY doubt I have to say stealing. Wulfie's work is too awesome for you. Thank you.)
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Haha No. But Strikers hairs getting so long o.o

He needs it cut *Snip snips fingers together*
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Pfffttt. I know. Though when I drew this picture, I was thinking more about when he was younger. He had longer hair when he was younger. (Like we all did.)

*looks at picture of Cerberus in the 5th grade*
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LOL. Shut up Kat. You still have pictures from then? Lameoh!

Haha, Yeah, You always think of shit like that. Your pictures usually have...Like...I can't think of the word XD
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I still like it!
And and and...I'll try and get around to the manufactured background. i swear
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