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My Bio

I am a jack of all trades, master of none. Long time horror, scifi and fantasy fan. I play a number of games, typically RPGs (so when a new one comes out, I might be slow to post for a week) though a few fighting games and strategy games also make their way into that group. Long time fan of catgirls (as well as other animal people, subjectively furries), transformation content, and art. My greatest flaw that I have no problem admitting to is that I have way too many ideas for things I want to do that I cannot do either due to time or money. I tend to be rather laid back and always am willing to chat when time permits. Once a week or so I try to change my page up to keep it a little fresh.

Besides photomanipulations, I also make table top games, work on concept ideas for games, attempting to make mods for skyrim, write, and fabricate steampunk and furry items for fun

Currently doing some more writing, might post some (horror, modern fantasy, standard fantasy, comedy)

My Darker Work will be found here:

I can be reached on email at or

Steam (for gaming): thefelinealchemist

Streaming and Commission information can be found here:… Something cool to check out… for nerdy stuff

Favourite TV Shows
Archer, Star Trek TNG, Stargate, Bojack
Favourite Books
Locke & Key
Favourite Games
Role Playing
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PC, Atari, PSP, NES
Tools of the Trade
A dark and tiwsted mind

All photomanips unless otherwise noted use CC0 stock images as their base from Unsplash, Pexel, or Pixabay

My next big project is one I have been working on in the background for a bit, a multimedia horror story called "Hopeless" which I will be including some ARG elements. Now without wanting to spoil anything about it (and a few friends have already had some elements spoiled for them) I will say it contains a lot of TF content, a few different kinds of horror content, and if it had a film rating, definitely an R. Now given its nature as multimedia some of the content will not be DA friendly so this leads me to wonder if I should host it across several sites (here, youtube, twitter/tumblr) or if I should just try to make a site for it? Currently this is going to be the most ambitious project I have attempted to undertake, and given the sheer scale I am going to release it in stages, or story arcs. I will eventually need to get some Voice Actors and possibly other artists to assist with elements I am not familiar with but I will put out a casting call or look into that when I get to that
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Might cut Feline Fridays, what should I replace it with?

61 votes
TF Tuesdays
Something with an ongoing story
Other (comment below)
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I got a question for anyone that would like to answer, What am I doing wrong with photomanipulations? I ask this because over the last two years my average metrics of comments and faves have dropped, and while there could be outside factors for this the most likely reason is something I am doing. Maybe I'm staying too much in a comfort zone, maybe the work is subpar from what it was before, I'm not sure and I would like to hear what you think
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Appreciate it once again for liking my assets.

AI Photomanip: Bewitching Pikachu Alt 2

Thanks for the faves! 😀

Thanks for the fave and the encouragement!

Anytime, love to see your work

Thank you for the faves. :)