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Sekhmet the Egyptian warrior goddess

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another piece for my personal "Egyptian Gods" project
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LOVE this. I have researched heavily on "Sekhmet "Goddess of War, Plagues and Healing", "The One before whom Evil trembles", "The Lady of Terror and the Lady of Life". What is there not to love about her. You have captured her essence as I have pictured it, in my writing, so well.

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This is intense. Associated with war, I think this is one of few times I've seen Sekhmet depicted with "heavy" armor.
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Dua Sekhmet! A-Antus!
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Oh yes... Sekhmet... she fought Apophis, right? I don’t remember much about her...
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No, Ra fought Apophis.  Sekhmet is Ra's daughter.  She's the one who kills the sinners.
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Well, I'm not right all the time. I clearly need to research the topic more.
Egyptian mythology isn't my specialty, but I still try to be good with it. : P
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I'm surprised by the lack of Egypt themed games. Sekhmet is a pretty good candidate for a God of War\Devil May Cry action game. 
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If anything, I feel Sekhmet should be used in pop culture more often! Everyone knows Bast and her lusty kitty depictions; despite her fellow feline goddess also being a protector of a half of Egypt back when, Sekhmet just seems a lot more badass.
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Oh yeah, she is not to be messed with.
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