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quick doodle between work.
something i made today after the big reveal.
can't wait to relieve all those repressed PTSD childhood memories UwU
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This looks totally badass. Could I commission you for work like this?

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Great art!!! tho I still prefer the ps1 Nemesis look. ^ W ^
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ي خي انت بطل مررررررررره روعه .. اهنيك 
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تسلمى, شكراً 
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Man, he looks scarier than the ps1 game, and that's not small feat
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While it's a good piece and you did a great job, but I just can't seem to understand why they had to make him so ugly. I mean in original RE:3 he was ugly, but in a cool badass way, if that makes sense, I mean for me it was like damn you look horrible and monstrous and it's awesome. Now with this redesign it's more like "oh my god, mister, what happened to your face?", it's kinda cartoonish with this nose and really big teeth, he's so weird yet off-putting. Maybe that's the point but I'll definately miss the old design. I can only hope that PC master race modding community will come to the rescue.

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So true! I was so scard of him back then!
Now he is looken like the mayor from the nightmare before christmas lol

He looks scarier now than he does in the original. Like gee, it's not like he's a horrifically mutilated and mutated person whose entire body is completely fucked up.

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i think they went way grotesque on his design, agreed 
while the og nemesis felt way badass and scary at the sametime
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The most iconic antagonist in the game series as far as I know, even till this day I get nervous when I hear him coming! I can't begin to imagine if they ever make an up to date high texture makeover like they did with Mr X in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

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How well do you think this dude eats corn on the cob?
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And here we are=in front of best Resident Evil character
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Oh nemesis baby~1!
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Yes nemesis I know you love seeing stars~! Lol~
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I can’t wait for the Resident Evil 3 remake

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me too, it was my first videogame ever :) 
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