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Firewatch Parallax Theme 1.5.0

Firewatch Parallax Theme v1.5.0
What's new?
 - Easy setup with file to input your monitor size, change colours and other goodies!
 - Way more variations - can't handle the full parallax? Pick from High/Med/Low/Static
 - Added a bunch more icons for your customising pleasure!
 - Uses the new version of the MouseXY plugin. Nice for me, doesn't matter for you
 - No more errors on refresh! Ooooh so nice.

Preview here:
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Jkw13's avatar
it dosent seem to work with steam am i doing something wrong
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Open the Firewatch Parallax folder, open Launcher, open Apps.txt, input the correct file path to the app and end it with "\Steam.exe"
Any way to keep the taskbar from disappearing i dont like clicking it to enable again :/
zoroboro's avatar
noob question but can i change "firefox" in the launcher to "chrome" instead? and how?
TFW you're an 21:9 user in a 16:9 world =(
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Actually, I've nailed it in Paint.Net. If anyone requests a specific logo, go ahead and lemmy know.
Can you do the Vegas Pro 14 icon? I've tried it myself but with no success. Really appreciate it!
Hi! Can you make one for Battle.Net?

Or better yet, can you teach me how to do it in Paint.Net?

Thank you so much..
Narsuaq's avatar
Narsuaq's avatar
This may be a bloody cheeky ask, but could you make more icons. I'm struggle to get anywhere with them. :(
SpaghettiBounce's avatar
Is there any way that I can use this skin as just a desktop background, as in no explorer/firefox/steam/spotify shortcuts and just the nice parallax? 
do you have a netflix launcher button i could download seperatley? cheers
how do I change the time to a 12 hour state? I dont mind military, but I prefer it on 12 hour.
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IT'S BRILLIANT.  It's going to live on my desktop for quite a while.  I certainly hope you do more in this strain!
Thanks! Check this out to keep up with my future plans:…
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