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The Munchies are based on an old television commercial which warns kids not to constantly eat just because you’re lazy or bored.  Instead, offers alternatives such as eating healthy, exercise, or something else stupid.

Now, there are some weight gain writers that have taken this concept and made them their own.  Munchies are little grey blob creatures that take joy out of rhyming and fattening people.  Only the victim(s) can see the Munchies, and most think that it’s all just in their heads.  The person(s) being fattened never remember the Munchies the next day or until they see them again and realized their bigger forms are due to the creatures.

In most stories that involve these critters, the Munchies appear when a person is depressed or sad or bored and then cheers them up with food.  They think that people will end up fat and happy thanks to their help.  But with all of these stories (or at least all of the ones I’ve read), they just magically appear at the person’s home, feed them, and then leave and may or may not come back.  Where do they go?  Where do they stay?  I had the idea of the Munchies going to an entire apartment complex to make it their ‘base of operations.’  This is one of many stories in a series I'll be doing.
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