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Real quick...I want to thank my moderators for keeping the group running while I'm taking a big mental break.  Especially, our Judge Moderator, Nolamom3507 for catching me as I fall. 

Remember, the moderators represent me, and you're expected to act like a civil person when they contact you for any reason. Got it?


Our current challenge is called "Earth People". This is our version of the Green Man.

Some of you may already know what a "Green Man" is; for others, here is the definition:

"The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures from many ages around the world,
the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities. It is primarily interpreted as a symbol of
rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Some[1][2] speculate that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history."

:bulletgreen: Your new challenge is to select one of the required portrait model stock from our affiliates chamberstock or CathleenTarawhiti; or stock by kalinstock, JessicaDru, arachnid5, or nichtssagend to create an "Earth Man" or an "Earth Woman".

Here is an example. It's not a photomanipulation, but it's what I'm looking for. Remember, this is an example only! It's only here to show you what I like for you to do.

The Greenman by brigidashwood

:bulletgreen: I'm still in a Spring mood (the trees are finally blooming green here!!), so I would like to see your "Earth Man" or "Earth Woman" follow through with that theme.


:bulletblack: The Challenge begins today, May 8th, and will end will end May 25h. Please keep a close eye on the Countdown Clock on our home page  for the time in your area.

:bulletblack: this is a design challenge, so that means that you are free to do what you want. 

:bulletblack: Use your choice from the available required model stock below for your "Earth" person.  

:bulletblack: Your "Earth Man" or "Earth Woman" portrait should be large with out a  background, unless it's part of your Earth person.

:bulletblack: No painting over stock, no monochromatic (using the same color in a variety of tones) color scheme, no mixing photo stock with rendered stock; and, especially for this challenge, do not do any spectacular light show that will take over your image. Meaning, you want the viewer to notice everything about your photomanipulation. Not just the bright lights.

 :bulletblack: Remember to refrain from using elements that are not part of the group's policies. I'm sorry, since members think the information gets too "wordy", you'll have to find out on your own what those may be.

Last Points:
:bulletgreen: Don't Forget About Lighting! Mostly the light is hitting in the front of the face required
stock, so be aware of that when you creating your wood man/wood woman.

:bulletgreen: And, on the other side of light, their is shadow. Dark areas help the colors  "pop".

:bullegreen: Use your imagination, but still be sure that you're following the expectations of the challenge.

:bulletgreen: Be creative, and end with a design that is both interesting and well. Let us say "WOW"! when we look at it. I can't stress that enough


Purple Scarf 2 by chamberstock        Portrait by JessicaDru       A5110S by arachnid5       A5098s by arachnid5

  :sh18 by kalinstock       24_10 by nichtssagend       Warrior/Thief set by CathleenTarawhiti

Have questions? Ask before you get too far into creating your entry!! Also, I'll be happy to look at you deviation before you submit if you would like some private advice.


:bulletgreen: In side of your artist comments box,  please include the statement: An entry into the "Earth People" challenge at ManipulateThis. 

Also include our avatar so that visitors will link back to group.

:bulletgreen: Include the level you're participating under. I don't want  to assign one for you,  but if you go lower then you should, I will move you up. If you're higher than you should be when you compare your deviations with others, then you should drop down a level.

If you're really unsure or confused, send a note to the group and I will help you decide.

No Changing Levels From One Challenge To Another!--No Having One Entry In One Level, And One In A Different Level For The Same Challenge!

:bulletgreen: Please give your entry a unique name, not simply the name of the challenge. Your art is unique, and so should be your title!

:bulletgreen: Submit your entry from it's original art page by using the "Add To A Group" link. Submit into the FEATURED folder.

:bulletgreen: Your entry will receive comments from the ManipulateThis staff. Please, no arguing or acting childish, just follow our suggestions without drama. We're only trying to help you with your deviation. Unruly behavior can result banning you from the group.

Non-Competitive Category

Rules are same as above. We need to clearly see the words "Non-Competitive" as level in the artist comments.


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It was a great pleasure to participate to this challenge :heart: . I also realize that I like to have the choice between male and female models.
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What a cool concept!!! 
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:heart: Glad you're back! :aww:

Ivy, a real-life "earth woman" who walks around The Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. She walks on stilts and will blend in with the scenery by leaning into a tree and closing her eyes. Then she'll walk away from the tree scaring the crap out of anyone sitting nearby, because no one expects a giant earth lady to float away from a tree! Anyhoo, the link are some pictures of her. She really is an incredible character at WDW.
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So sorry to hear you haven't been on top form - I hope you are feeling better :tighthug:
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Interesting Contest
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I thought so. It's been on my mind for months, I think after I saw a similar photomanipulation which I can't remember where, right now. Rickwb did one as well, I just didn't want to look for one. Running on a lot of coffee, very little sleep, trying to catch up on several things!
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