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Hello members!!

Did you know that ManipulateThis started off as a challenge group that included activities for members to learn and improve on their skills? Yes, it did, eleven years ago! And ever since I've taken over as Founder and brought the "club" to group status in 2010, I've made sure to keep it that way through the challenges, comments, critiques, Picks, tutorials, collections in our Favorites, and with other activities that we have on a semi-regular basis.

I thought before we begin our last contest for the year that we use the next three weeks to hone our skills, make comments to one another, and in someone learn something new while having fun; because if it isn't fun, it ain't worth doing, right?

I came up with this activity from deviantArt's official "Draw This Again" challenge in 2012, except it wasn't meant for photomanipulators, I discovered after I had submitted. Still, it was a cool challenge.

So read the instructions below carefully, ask me  if you're unsure about something so that I can clarify it for you, and let's get started!


That's right! This is really a personal challenge.

I'm encouraging everyone to participate and make comments to your co-members as we learn by redoing an old photomanipulations still in our gallery.

:bulletblue: ENTRIES: You Can Create As Many Redo Photomanipulations From Your Gallery As You Want. You Will Receive An Exclusive Stock For Each Redo, And Points In The End For Participating.


:bulletblue: Below is the template that you are to use for your Before and After deviations. 

Click The Image To Download From My

Doitagain-termplate by TheFantaSim

:bulletblue: Note that the template is 1280 x 808 pixels.  If you need to adjust it, either width or height, for your photomanipulation, go ahead and change the size.

After, before you upload to deviantArt, resize it so that the width is again 1280 pixels, and "Lock Aspect Ratio"of your paint program  for the accurate adjusted height.

:bulletblue: Give your "Do It Again" submission it's own unique title, which should be the title of your new deviation.

:bulletblue: Upload to deviantArt.

:bulletblue: In The Artist Comments Write:

For The "Do It Again" Group Activity at ManipulateThis (include our icon).

:bulletblue: Include a thumb of the original photomanipulation in your Artist Comments.

:bulletblue: Write something about why you chose that deviation to "do again", why  you  made any changes that were made between the two deviations, and what you've learned, if anything.

:bulletblue: Categorize it as  Digital Art > Photomanipulation > Other

:bulletblue: Submit to the Featured folder at ManipulateThis

:bulletblue: Remember, if you use 3D Rendered stock with your Photo stock, you are creating a Mixed Media. Do not select photomanipulation as your media when you categorize your deviation. Categorize it as Digital Art > Mixed Media.

:bulletwhite: I will be checking for 3D Rendered stock and will send you a reminder Note if you forget to select the right category.

Here's my example that I originally did in 2012 for deviantArt's DRAW AGAIN challenge.

Maiden Of The Forest by TheFantaSim

Here's what I wrote, an example of what you can write in the Artist Comments:

"I really didn't like the original deviation that much. It was for a challenge at ManipulateThis and I rushed it. It was too dark and too simple, and that's why I went back in to added more to the background; I especially attempted to put in more sense of space with a different tree background and the addition of the castle. I think the new pose is also better. She looks more intriguing--more  wonder concerning what is she seeing and why does she have that expression on her face. Better than the first where she basically look, I hate to say it, sort of blah."

Enjoy looking closely at the Before And The After.

:bulletblue: Lastly, keep up with what others are turning in for the  "Do It Again" Activity and comment on their  photomanipulation. After all, that's why deviantArt has the comments section; let's all do our part and chat with our fellow members!

Remember, if you're unsure about any part of this activity, don't  hesitate to send a note to the group and I or  a Staff member will respond.

Can't wait to see what you all do!


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Branka-Artz's avatar
I would love to redo all my old manips. I can't
believe how I grew in the past 2 years I've been part
of dA :)
I'm definitely going to look for the ugliest one and make
it pretty :laughing: