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Hello, Members!

:bulletwhite: By request, I have extended the "Snow Queen Portrait" Challenge to Wednesday, January 18th.   So if you've started one and it didn't quite
get completed by the original due date, go ahead and get it finish and submit. :)

:bulletwhite: We're going to go ahead and begin our next challenge today.

I've been pushing you all very hard these last few challenges, and even for our last contest, to create something more realistic, but this new challenge should give you the ability to relax and create something that is more of a design than a scene and things do not have to look like how they do in the real world.

No, we're not doing an abstract, or surrealism; there will still  be a  couple of basic rules to cover to make your image look acceptable to the viewer.

So Don't Neglect To Do Some Thinking And Some Planning Before You Begin Looking For Your The Perfect Stock!


Our Current challenge is called "Solar Gods" and it features the nebula stock by Mithgariel.

A Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. In these regions the formations of gas, dust, and other materials  "clump" together to form denser regions, which attract further matter, and eventually will become dense enough to form stars. The remaining material is then believed to form planets and other planetary system objects.
:bulletwhite: In this challenge you are required to chose a nebula from the REQUIRED STOCK CHOICES BELOW for your Background.

:bulletwhite: THEME: The Theme Is A Combination Of Mythology And Space.

:bulletwhite: In Addition, This Is A Design Theme Challenge; Meaning, Your Image Should Be More Like A Poster Than A Scene.

If You Don't Know The Difference Between A Design And A Scene, Please Review The Walk Through Here:

About: Design, Scene, And Elements And Principles

:bulletblue:DUE DATE: EXTENDED: Sunday, FEBRUARY 5TH.

Please Check The Countdown Clock On The HOME Page For The Exact Time In Your Area.  Late Entries Will Be Added To The Open Gallery Folder  For Your Skill Level, So Please Include Your Skill Level In The Artist's Comments.

:bulletblue: ENTRIES: You Can Enter Twice For The Competition.
See Below On How To Enter When Your Photomanipulation Is Complete.


:bulletblue: In This Challenge, You Are Selecting A Roman God Or Goddess (Gaea is really Greek, but she is more know in mythology  than Earth is) From Mythology And Placing Them Into Space With The Planet That Is Named After Them.

Some of the Roman Gods were associated with more than one thing. Use the information below for the type of model pose or extra stock that you use to represent the God of your choice when creating your image.

GAEA = EARTH, Mother of All Life


JUPITER = JUPITER, God of Sky And Thunder

VENUS = VENUS, Goddess Of Love, Beauty, And Desire

MARS = MARS, God Of War

SATURN = SATURN, God of Seeding And Growing


MERCURY = MERCURY, God Of Messages


PLUTO = PLUTO (Yes, for this challenge we are using Pluto as a planet), God Of The Underworld

:bulletwhite: When Choosing The  God As Your Theme, Why Not Pick A God-Planet Combination That Would Be Difficult  To Create A Difficult Concept For?

 You Know What I Mean.

 Anyone Can Do Jupiter, But What About Neptune?


CRPhotomanipulation Sponsored A Contest Back In 2013 With A Similar Theme. This Is The Image I Created For It To Help Give You An Idea Of What We  Are Doing For Our Current Challenge.

The  Goddess  Gaia by TheFantaSim

Remember, Please Follow The Instructions Below For The Current Challenge And Do Something Similar, But Make It Your Own!

:bulletblue: You Must Use A Nebula Of Your Choice From The REQUIRED STOCK Below As Your Background.

:bulletblue: You Can Use Any Model Stock To Represent Your God Or Goddess.

:bulletblue: MILD NUDITY Has Always Been Allowed In Our Group. Please Mark Your Deviation As "MATURE" When Uploading To DA If You're  Using Stock With Mild Nudity.

:bulletblue: You Must Have The Planet (In Correct Size Comparison As The Original Planet) With It's Corresponding God Model.

:bulletblue: You Must Show Moons  And The Rings Of Saturn Where They Belong.  THIS IS EASY TO LOOK UP!

:bulletblue: You Must Have Other Objects In Space; such as comets, the asteroid belt, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Milky Way,  another nebula, the Pleiades, our Sun.

:bulletblue: Put Additional Planets, Moons, the Sun, The Asteroid Belt, etc., In Their Proper Places In Space!

:bulletblue: Place Some Additional Space Objects Further Away In Space To Create Depth; So Don't Forget To Make Some Objects Smaller.

:bulletblue: DON'T OVER CROWD YOUR SPACE! Keep Your Image Creative Yet Aesthetically Pleasing To Look At.

:bulletblue: Only One Light Source---THE SUN! You don't have to put the sun in your image, but it should be very obvious in which place the largest light source is coming from is the sun.

And if there is light on one side of an object, shadow is on the other side. See What I Mean Below:

The  Goddess  Gaia By Thefantasim-light by TheFantaSim

All of the light on Gaea and the planets in our solar system are coming from our Sun. The galaxy in the distance has it's own light source, and the nebula in the background is creating light, but it's not affecting the planets in our solar system.

:bulletwhite: If you use 3D Rendered stock with your Photo stock, you are creating a Mixed Media. Do not select photomanipulation as your media when you categorize your deviation.  Categorize it as Digital Art > Mixed Media.

:bulletwhite: I will be checking for 3D Rendered stock and will send you a reminder Note if you forget to select the right category.

Don't Forget: We Are Artist Who Use Photomanipulation As Our Medium.  You CAN And SHOULD:
:bulletblue: Make sure that the direction of your Light is consistant through out your scene.
:bulletblue: Edit a stock as you need to for the final result that you want: Remove or Add Something, Change Color, Up/Lower Saturation, etc.
:bulletblue: Use Brushes, Textures, Special Techniques And A Little Show Of Special Effects To Enhance Your Over All Image.
:bulletblue: Create A Fantastic and Dynamic Scene!

We Are FINE ARTIST! Remember:

:bulletblue:  BE CREATIVE! It’s more than simply sticking one stock into a background stock!


Please Choose One Nebela Stock From Below For Your Background. If You Do Two Entries, Please Choose A Different Background.

My 27th nebula by Mithgariel  My 36th nebula by Mithgariel  My 34th nebula by Mithgariel  My 32nd nebula by Mithgariel  My 21th nebula by Mithgariel  My 10th nebula: red II by Mithgariel


Updated: January 2, 2016

:bulletblue: First, in the Artist's Comments box, make sure you post that your deviation is for the "Solar Gods" Challenge  at ManipulateThis and Please  include our icon. If
you don't know how to make an icon, please send a note an ask!

:bulletblue: Second, have the level you're entering under (Level 2 for Beginners; Level 3 for Intermediate; Level 4 for Advance).

:bulletred:THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I'm not going to guess and your deviation will be place in the NON-COMPETITIVE Category.

:bulletwhite: Choose your level carefully and accurately. A wrong level can affect your success in the group, and I want everyone to succeed!

:bulletwhite: If you're not sure about your level, please read a description of each level in the… , or contact me and I'll be happy
to view your gallery and make a decision on your best fit for our group. Please don't go up a level until you and I decide that you are ready.

:bulletred: No Changing Levels From One Challenge To Another!  If you are not happy with a deviation, and still want to participate, please select NON-COMPETITIVE (follow instructions below
for Non-Competitive).

:bulletblue: Once you've uploaded to your art account, submit your deviation to ManipulateThis by selecting the group from the "Submit To Group" link on the right hand side of your original deviation.
Or, if the group name is not there, select "Type A Group Name" and add our name. Submit to the FEATURED folder.

:bulletblue: Your entry must be approved before it's placed into the FEATURED gallery. I always move from the FEATURED folder to the challenge/contest/activity folder, so don't worry about that.

Remember, deviations that are NOT for the challenge will be declined.

:bulletblue: You will receive a confirmation message at your art account if the entry was accepted or not. If it's not accepted within a reasonable amount of time, check your Correspondence
messages to see if you received a comment telling you why.

:bulletblue: Please take care of any problem as soon as possible and reply to the comment so that we can accept your entry.

:bulletred: Sometimes I'll send you a note from your deviation telling you that something needs to be altered before the end of the challenge. Your entry has NOT been removed from the
challenge in such cases.

:bulletred:IMPORTANT! If the above happens and you do not delete the original deviation from your gallery, please send a group note so that I know to remove the original entry.


:bulletwhite: Please follow the requirements for the challenge even if you are not competing.

:bulletwhite: Please include the same information in the Comments box as noted above for Competitive Entries.

:bulletwhite: Very Clearly, Write "NON-COMPETITIVE CHALLENGE ENTRY".

That's  is it!

I am here to help. If you have any questions or need my help, don't hesitate to contact me.

I'll even be happy to look at your deviation before you submit to the group. Simply send a note to my art account. You can upload to your account if you like. Send me either the link or the link
of the original deviation in your gallery and I'll be happy to comment and help your privately before you submit.

Now, go come up with an excellent idea, search for that perfect stock, take your time and execute the image well, and really create a fascinating entry! :D


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Dear Admins, how do you come up with such amazing concepts? :))