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(I'm posting this today because I will be away from my computer all day and over night on Monday)

Fifteen days until Christmas! Are you ready?

I know those of you in the southern hemisphere is enjoying pleasant weather; however, I live in the desert, and for us, it's just now autumn. And I put on long pants for the first time a week ago and we finally turned off the air! I feel sorry for those of you in the North. 21 degrees Fahrenheit where I lived just three years ago? No thank you!

:bulletwhite: For those of you who've been paying attention to the fires in California, I want you to know that's right in the area where I grew up and still have family. My family didn't have to evacuate, but it's a hellish mess there. If you do such things, like pray or donate, it's appreciated.

Anyway, this is our last challenge for the 2017!  I hope more of you can get in a deviation around all of the shopping, wrapping, and baking.
I want to give out extra stuff if you participate simply because it's Christmas and I love you all!
Cute Bling



I'm bringing back a challenge that we did four years ago. I hope you like it. The name of the challenge is "White On White" and it features the stock of magikstock, MapleRose-stock, MariaAmanda, mkbrouse, xxMysteryStockxx, Elevit-Stock, Requiem-K, 88-Lawstock, Labecula, and faestock.

:bulletwhite:TITLE: "White On White" Challenge.

:bulletwhite: THEME: You're Being Challenge To Create A Scene Using Tints And Shades Of White.

:bulletblue:DUE DATE: Extended to January 7th, 2018

Please Check The Countdown Clock On The HOME Page For The Exact Time In Your Area.  Late Entries Will Be Added To The Open Gallery Folder  For Your Skill Level, So Please Include Your Skill Level In The Artist's Comments.

:bulletblue: ENTRIES: You Can Enter Twice For The Competition.

See Below On How To Enter When Your Photomanipulation Is Complete.


:bulletblue: You Must Use At Least One Stock From The Required Stock Below. You Can Include As Many As You Like. If you do two entries, please use different Required Stock.

:bulletblue: The Entire Image Must Be Made From Stock That Is White And Very Pale Tones Of Colors That Are Near White. See The Examples Below.

:bulletblue: Blue, Grey, Peach, And Yellow Are Good Additional Colors, But They Must Be Lightened To Be Very Pale. If your model has Black hair , for example, you lighten it to become closer grey.

:bulletblue: The Style Of Art Or Theme You Choose Is Up To You. Your Image Can Be Realistic, Surreal, Whimsical, Fantasy, Or Dark. Remember, Dark In Style Doesn't Mean Black...It Also Implies Suspense And Spooky Which Can Be Done In The Light. However, keep from showing any arm to a child.

No ABSTRACTS! There has to be a scene in your image.

:bulletblue: Remember, if you use The 3D Rendered stock with Photo stock, you are creating a Mixed Media. Do not select photomanipulation as  your media when you categorize your deviation. Categorize it as Digital Art > Mixed Media.

:bulletwhite: I will be checking for 3D Rendered stock and will send you a reminder Note if you forget to select the right category.

:bulletred: HINT: I've found in my experience that if my model is 3D Rendered, the rest of my stock should also be 3D rendered. It just makes the photomanipulation look more consistent. Not that you can't mix the two. You can, just be aware of what you're doing.

Below are images that are all 3D Stock:

Young'un by TheFantaSim   Little One by TheFantaSim  You Against Us by TheFantaSim

Compare them with these that are mixed with Photo Stock:

Saving The Castle by TheFantaSim     Secret Rendezvous by TheFantaSim

If you do decide to mix 3D rendered stock with Photo stock, I suggest you use textures to help blend them.

:bulletblue: Follow The Rules Of Creating The Illusion Of Depth And Space In Your Scene To Make A More Dynamic, More Creative Image, No Matter The Style You Select.

Let your background lead you on what to do with creating depth and space with your photo stock.

:bulletblue: If you need to review the rules of creating the illusion of Depth and Space, please read this “About” walk through.

:bulletblue: Follow The Rules Of Creating Lights And Shadows To Get A More Dramatic Image And Not Confuse The Viewer.

Follow the background for your lights and darks. You may have to turn your stock around to have the light hitting the right direction, or  create more light if light is coming from more than one direction.

:bulletblue: If you need to review the rules of light and shadow, see this quick review here:

Remember: We Are Artist Who Use Photomanipulation As Our Medium.  You CAN And SHOULD:
:bulletblue: Make sure that the direction of your Light is consistant through out your scene.
:bulletblue: Edit a stock as you need to for the final result that you want: Remove or Add Something, Change Color, Up/Lower Saturation, etc.
:bulletblue: Use Brushes, Textures, Special Techniques And A Little Show Of Special Effects To Enhance Your Over All Image.
:bulletblue: Create a dynamic Scene!

We Are FINE ARTIST! Remember:

:bulletblue:  BE CREATIVE! It’s more than simply sticking one stock into a background stock!


The Following Are Examples Of Images That Are Similar To The Current Challenge.

White Is White by TheFantaSim    My Sisters And I by TheFantaSim   Asleep In A Nest by TheFantaSim    Them One Within Me by TheFantaSim

Remember, These Are EXAMPLES ONLY! Please Follow The Instructions Above For The Current Challenge And Do You Own Thing!


Select At Least One Stock For Your Entry. You Can Have As Many From The List Below As You Like. If You Create TWo Entries, Please Change Your Stock.

white foal by confed4life White stallion rear 2 by xxMysteryStockxx White Peacock 02 by MapleRose-stock  White Fairy - Stock by MariaAmanda

White Fairy - Stock by MariaAmanda E-S Snow Dragon by Elevit-Stock  E-S White little dragon by Elevit-Stock White Angel Wings - Fractal by mkbrouse

HQ Angel Wings Render by Requiem-K White faced Heron 02 by 88-Lawstock Bride | stock by Labecula Angels Dance | stock by Labecula

Bride by faestock parasol 3 by magikstock marie antoinette by magikstock


Updated: January 2, 2016

:bulletblue: First, in the Artist's Comments box, make sure you post that your deviation is for the "White On White" Challenge at ManipulateThis and include our icon.

:bulletblue: Second, have the level you're entering under (Level 2 for Beginners; Level 3 for Intermediate; Level 4 for Advance).

:bulletred:THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I'm not going to guess and your deviation will be place in the NON-COMPETITIVE Category.

:bulletwhite: Choose your level carefully and accurately. A wrong level can affect your success in the group, and I want everyone to succeed!

:bulletwhite: If you're not sure about your level, please read a description of each level in the… , or contact me and I'll be happy
to view your gallery and make a decision on your best fit for our group. Please don't go up a level until you and I decide that you are ready.

:bulletred: No Changing Levels From One Challenge To Another!  If you are not happy with a deviation, and still want to participate, please select NON-COMPETITIVE (follow instructions below
for Non-Completive).

:bulletblue: Once you've uploaded to your art account, submit your deviation to ManipulateThis by selecting the group from the "Submit To Group" link on the right hand side of your original deviation.
Or, if the group name is not there, select "Type A Group Name" and add our name. Submit to the FEATURED folder.

:bulletblue: Your entry must be approved before it's placed into the FEATURED gallery. I always move from the FEATURED folder to the challenge/contest/activity folder, so don't worry about that.

Remember, deviations that are NOT for the challenge will be declined.

:bulletblue: You will receive a confirmation message at your art account if the entry was accepted or not. If it's not accepted within a reasonable amount of time, check your Correspondence
messages to see if you received a comment telling you why.

:bulletblue: Please take care of any problem as soon as possible and reply to the comment so that we can accept your entry.

:bulletred: Sometimes I'll send you a note from your deviation telling you that something needs to be altered before the end of the challenge. Your entry has NOT been removed from the
challenge in such cases.

:bulletred:IMPORTANT! If the above happens and you do not delete the original deviation from your gallery, please send a group note so that I know to remove the original entry.


:bulletwhite: Please follow the requirements for the challenge even if you are not competing.

:bulletwhite: Please include the same information in the Comments box as noted above for Competitive Entries.

:bulletwhite: Very Clearly, Write "NON-COMPETITIVE CHALLENGE ENTRY".

That's All!

Let me know if I can help you in any way or if you have any questions before you begin looking for your additional stock.

You can reach me with a Group Note or at my personal art account.

I'll even be happy to look at your deviation before you submit to the group. Simply send a note to my art account. You can upload to your account if you like. Send me either the link or the link of the original deviation in your gallery and I'll be happy to
comment and help your privately before you submit.

Now, put on your thinking cap, search for some great additional stock, do you very best in execution, and really create
an exciting entry! :D


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This is my entry  for the contest:
Tale of a Dragon Lady by Secretadmires

But I can not submit it to your Intermediate group gallery as it says 'Submission would exceed the pre-folder of 2 deviation'