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I was bored #2 by TheFanGirl16 I was bored #2 :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 I was bored by TheFanGirl16 I was bored :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 Zeca by TheFanGirl16 Zeca :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 Doodle cause THE THREE CABALLEROS ARE COMING TO DT by TheFanGirl16 Doodle cause THE THREE CABALLEROS ARE COMING TO DT :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 3 0 Just some Louie pics (Tumblr wave 3/3) by TheFanGirl16 Just some Louie pics (Tumblr wave 3/3) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 Sugar (Tumblr wave 2/3) by TheFanGirl16 Sugar (Tumblr wave 2/3) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0 Elizabeth (Tumblr wave part 1/3) by TheFanGirl16 Elizabeth (Tumblr wave part 1/3) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 SDCC 2018 (I stayed up all night for this) by TheFanGirl16 SDCC 2018 (I stayed up all night for this) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 12 11
Let him go (A bad fan fiction I found on my phone)
Sonic sighed. The day had been rough on the cobalt hedgehog and everything seemed to have been in his way. And even now the odds were not in his favour. Eggman was attacking the village again, an act that he had already attempted twice that day, and was being to get on everybody's nerves.
"Alright guys," Sonic said, "Let's get this over with. Amy flank left, Knuckles you got the right, what ever it is you do. Tails follow my lead."
"Um , Son-" Amy was cut off by Knuckles.
"Who put you in charge?!" Knuckles said angrily to Sonic, "I say that Tails follows you, Sticks throws her boomerang at stuff and Amy and I flank the sides."
"You win this time Knux," Sonic replied, exasperated.
"Yeah, Ames?" Sonic said, slightly startled.
"Tails isn't here."
"Wait, what? Where is he?"
"I have no idea, maybe he's in his workshop?"
Sonic ran off and appeared again in a flash.
"Any luck?"
"No, where else would he be. Think Sonic, think."
"Looking for this?" Eggman chuckled, mon
:iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0
Idk by TheFanGirl16 Idk :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 Shading Practice by TheFanGirl16 Shading Practice :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 1 I re-did an old thing by TheFanGirl16 I re-did an old thing :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0 Quick Bio by TheFanGirl16 Quick Bio :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 Icon for tumblr by TheFanGirl16 Icon for tumblr :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 OLD(ish) ART by TheFanGirl16 OLD(ish) ART :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 2 Just a random doodle dump by TheFanGirl16 Just a random doodle dump :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 2


The World of Light: Chapter 1
Battle Turned Nightmare
    December rolled in. And when it did, we were all called to this cliffside, I don’t remember where exactly it was. It wasn’t just me, the Sonic Team, or even Mario and his friends gathered. It was far more. Star Fox, the legendary warrior named Link, Lady Palutena, Kirby, several Pokemon, the Fire Emblem, Monado artist Shulk, jeez….I could go on all day! How I’ve known them…..through Mario.
    The sky was yellow-orange, patched with some clouds. In the horizon was this figure, in shapes of multi-colored wings, with hefty Master Hands, by the hundreds, all coming toward us all.
    “Don’t let a single one get away!”
    “We’ll each have to take down about ten.”
    “We can do this! It’s now or never!”
    “We’ll win this! I know we will!
:icontailsthefoxlover715:tailsthefoxlover715 3 0
The legend of the three Caballeros-Armor redesing by Nihil-Zero The legend of the three Caballeros-Armor redesing :iconnihil-zero:Nihil-Zero 100 28 The Three Caballeros Dump by EsuNeh The Three Caballeros Dump :iconesuneh:EsuNeh 250 46 meme by grayhill meme :icongrayhill:grayhill 9 0
Wildest Although Weirdest Dreams

Wildest Although Weirdest Dreams
Emerald Hill Fields was the brightest parks of the sides of Green Hill, Paradise. It was the place where Sonic and Tails first met when their were kids. One of Tails' favorite places to visit ever since that day, since his big brother means so much to him. It's also the location of the Team Blast HQ. Sonic and Tails decided to visit Emerald Hill Fields to spend their morning. When they got there they saw Amy and Knuckles sitting on a bench by the fields and a small pond.
Tails: Hey Amy, Knuckles!
Sonic: A-Amy!
Amy: SONIC!!
Amy hugged Sonic super tight, almost breaking Sonic's ribs.
Sonic: A-A-Amy... T-Too tight...!!
Knuckles: Hey Tails! I expected you to come by here.
Tails: Yeah, just wanted to get some fresh air.
Amy lets go of Sonic, who's breathing heavily from the tightness of Amy's hug.
Amy: Sorry! I'm just SO excited to see you here! It was such a big coincidence!
Sonic: More like a big mistake...
Amy: What was that?
Sonic: U-Uh,
:iconsonictwi22:SonicTwi22 2 4
Was it my fault? - Includes Small Story by Corpsetalia-fan Was it my fault? - Includes Small Story :iconcorpsetalia-fan:Corpsetalia-fan 8 5 Ducktales: Pompeii by Technicolourebel Ducktales: Pompeii :icontechnicolourebel:Technicolourebel 73 15 Duck family by AgentKelly13 Duck family :iconagentkelly13:AgentKelly13 74 13 Ain't no rest for the wicked page 8 by sonictailsbro Ain't no rest for the wicked page 8 :iconsonictailsbro:sonictailsbro 20 18 Latin Lovebirds by GenJoany Latin Lovebirds :icongenjoany:GenJoany 87 9
Jose Carioca Movie-Chp. 1
"Ze Carioca"
Chapter 1
Typical Day in Rio
Ze Carioca's big adventure, just like pretty much anyone else's adventures, started out as just an ordinary day in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Somewhere in the suburbs, a young lady was screaming, "HELP!!" A tall, muscular man was aiming his rifle right at her. "Shut up! You call for anybody, and I fill that thick head with lead!" Just then, another voice called out, "Not while I'm around, senhor!" The robber and the lady looked around. A small "Boing, boing boing" sound came coming toward them, and very heroically, leapt out a green parrot wearing a pair of sunglasses, a red hat that matched his sweater, springs on his feet, and a cape that looked like a blue towel tied on his neck. "Ah, Morcego Verde!" the robber said with a smile. "You ain't got no superpowers, you're just a kid playin' dress-up!" Morcego Verde thought quickly, and spotted a beehive in a nearby park. The superhero gave the villain a good punch, grabbed his
:iconcarioca-incorporated:Carioca-Incorporated 9 1
Seventh Doctor - Jose Carioca by fernalf Seventh Doctor - Jose Carioca :iconfernalf:fernalf 24 3 KidintheGreenHoodie by FailsAtCool KidintheGreenHoodie :iconfailsatcool:FailsAtCool 122 6 why? by the-EVIL-bunny23 why? :iconthe-evil-bunny23:the-EVIL-bunny23 23 1 What happens if... by the-EVIL-bunny23 What happens if... :iconthe-evil-bunny23:the-EVIL-bunny23 31 3 the BEST sky pirate by glowing-galaxies the BEST sky pirate :iconglowing-galaxies:glowing-galaxies 20 18


Cool your first piece digital art! As for the piece it seems to be almost at an angle and is not facing head on an character looks kina...

I like the idea behind this more then the execution of it. Let me explain. Here, Tails' anatomy is more of an adult's but his face is m...



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United Kingdom
Sonic, Undertale, FNAF, YouTube, Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, other anime, drawing, art, my friends, fangirling out, memes

Bullies, when you think you picked up a chocolate chip cookie but it actually has raisins in, haters

Favourite Music/ Band/ Musical Artist:
Crush 40, Toby Fox (Undertale OST), Nathan Skykes

Favourite YouTubers (in no particular order):
jacksepticeye, markipler, papiocutie, Darian Schofield‏, SPD64, ect, ect (Literally every I'm subbed to on YouTube)

Things I fangirl out about:
Sonic, The Firefox, Mlp, FNAF, Undertale, BOD, DOD, TMNT, and many more

First name: Elena
Last name: You cannot know!!!
Age: N/A (between 12 and 16)
A sum up of me in four words: A Generic Fan Girl


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So I guess this is gonna become a diary of sorts, so I have a way to kinda document my boring life.

So early this morning/late last night, Sonic Boom was kinda unofficially cancelled. LITERALLY THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPENED. On the plus CupHead had a DLC announced so that's really cool. While, almost impossible to beat, I can't help but admire all work, love and dedication poured into very beautiful fame in that game.

As for today, apart from the above it was average at best. Since I was at school for about six hours (8:30-3:10) I just sorta went about my lessons, Art, Textiles, Science, English and more Science. Nothing for note really just an other normal day like almost one since I started secondary school in 2015/16 when I was about 11 or 12.


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