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Cover by TheFanGirl16 Cover :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0 Blush redesign by TheFanGirl16 Blush redesign :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 5 0 Ze by TheFanGirl16 Ze :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 So it was a Panchito's b-day yesterday by TheFanGirl16 So it was a Panchito's b-day yesterday :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 3 0 Lucy Blue by TheFanGirl16 Lucy Blue :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0 Love Birds by TheFanGirl16 Love Birds :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 A silent shadow au thingy by TheFanGirl16 A silent shadow au thingy :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0 More random stuff from Tumblr by TheFanGirl16 More random stuff from Tumblr :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 The better one by TheFanGirl16 The better one :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 1 Elizabeth Alternate Outfits by TheFanGirl16 Elizabeth Alternate Outfits :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 3 2 I was bored #2 by TheFanGirl16 I was bored #2 :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 I was bored by TheFanGirl16 I was bored :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 Zeca by TheFanGirl16 Zeca :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 0 0 Doodle cause THE THREE CABALLEROS ARE COMING TO DT by TheFanGirl16 Doodle cause THE THREE CABALLEROS ARE COMING TO DT :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 4 0 Just some Louie pics (Tumblr wave 3/3) by TheFanGirl16 Just some Louie pics (Tumblr wave 3/3) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 1 0 Sugar (Tumblr wave 2/3) by TheFanGirl16 Sugar (Tumblr wave 2/3) :iconthefangirl16:TheFanGirl16 2 0


The Three Caballeros Song(Duck Brothers Version)
Huey: We're Three Caballeros
Tres Bro Caballeros
We're definitely birds of a feather
Dewey: We're young triplet hermanos
Louie: We're rich americanos
All: The one, two and three bros are always together
Huey: We're three happy chappies
With snappy serapes
You'll find us beneath our sombreros
Dewey: We're brave and we'll stay so
Louie: We're bright as a peso
Huey: Who says so?!
Dewey and Louie: We say so!
All: The Three Jr. Caballeros
Dewey: If the challenge is tough or brittle
With our trumpet, guitar, and fiddle
We go through it like air
Louie: We sing and we samba
We shout, "Ay Caramba!"
Huey: Do you know "Ay caramba"?
Louie: Meh, I don't care
All: Ooooh!
Louie: We search for rare 'n' worthful treasure
The greatest one is being together
Like books on a shelf
Dewey: We're surprising as confetti
Huey: Hey, look! Here comes Webby!
Dewey: She drives us amor crazy
[All faint in a daze]
All: Each man is for himself!
Huey: We may now be juniors
Dewey: Through sometime sooner
Louie: W
:iconmatchmakeramethyst:MatchMakerAmethyst 2 0
The Three Caballeros  by Ramdraws The Three Caballeros :iconramdraws:Ramdraws 11 0 The Three Caballeros by Windwalker44 The Three Caballeros :iconwindwalker44:Windwalker44 27 4 Aracuan from The Three Caballeros by Windwalker44 Aracuan from The Three Caballeros :iconwindwalker44:Windwalker44 5 0 Panchito Pistoles by Ali-Vega Panchito Pistoles :iconali-vega:Ali-Vega 7 0 The Three Caballeros Pokemon Version by TheOddArtist123 The Three Caballeros Pokemon Version :icontheoddartist123:TheOddArtist123 33 2 The Three Caballeros Stack by zipadeelady The Three Caballeros Stack :iconzipadeelady:zipadeelady 12 0 The Three Caballeros  by kmtvm123 The Three Caballeros :iconkmtvm123:kmtvm123 11 9 Caballeros said gay and trans right by alebrigay Caballeros said gay and trans right :iconalebrigay:alebrigay 10 3 Three Caballeros: Float On by Ali-Vega Three Caballeros: Float On :iconali-vega:Ali-Vega 9 0 Three Caballeros   Jose Carioca  What if... by Umymury Three Caballeros Jose Carioca What if... :iconumymury:Umymury 1 0 The Three Caballeros by chacckco The Three Caballeros :iconchacckco:chacckco 555 29 The Three Caballeros POPs by EeyorbStudios The Three Caballeros POPs :iconeeyorbstudios:EeyorbStudios 111 9 Jose and Panchito bein epic by OrtensiaRabbit Jose and Panchito bein epic :iconortensiarabbit:OrtensiaRabbit 31 13 Panchito by SUGARKITTYCAT04 Panchito :iconsugarkittycat04:SUGARKITTYCAT04 34 1 Emily in Mario and Sonic 2020 design by tailsthefoxlover715 Emily in Mario and Sonic 2020 design :icontailsthefoxlover715:tailsthefoxlover715 5 0


Cool your first piece digital art! As for the piece it seems to be almost at an angle and is not facing head on an character looks kina...

I like the idea behind this more then the execution of it. Let me explain. Here, Tails' anatomy is more of an adult's but his face is m...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Sonic, Undertale, FNAF, YouTube, Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, other anime, drawing, art, my friends, fangirling out, memes

Bullies, when you think you picked up a chocolate chip cookie but it actually has raisins in, haters

Favourite Music/ Band/ Musical Artist:
Crush 40, Toby Fox (Undertale OST), Nathan Skykes

Favourite YouTubers (in no particular order):
jacksepticeye, markipler, papiocutie, Darian Schofield‏, SPD64, ect, ect (Literally every I'm subbed to on YouTube)

Things I fangirl out about:
Sonic, The Firefox, Mlp, FNAF, Undertale, BOD, DOD, TMNT, and many more

First name: Elena
Last name: You cannot know!!!
Age: N/A (between 12 and 16)
A sum up of me in four words: A Generic Fan Girl


Character picture (Update)
A picture of your oc's (10 points extra for each additional character) flat colour.
Full image
A character coloured in and shaded, complete with a background.
Character pic
A digital picture of the outline of a character/oc of your choosing, coloured in a singular colour of your choosing.
Charater shadow-coloured with background
A digital picture of the outline of a character/oc of your choosing, coloured in a singular colour of your choosing with a background of lines and shapes.
Charater shadow
A digital picture of the outline of a character/oc of your choosing, coloured in black or any colour of your choice.
Coloured drawing
A drawing of a character/oc of your choosing, outlined in a fine liner and coloured in
Non-coloured drawing with fine liner outline
A drawing of a character/oc of your choosing outlined with a fine liner
Non-coloured drawing
A drawing of a character/oc of your choosing.
Pen Sketch
A simple sketch of a character/oc of other choosing done in a black ball-point pen.


This was actually done about half way through but I decided it looked nicest as the cover. It was inspired by the 'You belong to my heart' sequence in the three caballeros. I am quite pleased with how it turned out in the end. All the colour was done using sharpies and I used awhile paint pen for all the white.

(I had to edit this image in the photo editor on my phone quite a lot because I couldn't get a good picture of it)
I'm opening requests. There will only be ten slots for now but more can be added later if need be.

Under no circumstances will I do:
Fetish art
NSFW art
Incest ships
Minors (under 18) in sexual situations

What I will do:
Fandom art (mostly sonic and disney but may dabble in others)
OCs/Fan characters
Shippings (doesn't mean I necessary ship them)

1) :iconratchet55: Beth the hedgehog
2) :iconwumowumo: Shifty from Crime Time
3) :iconprentis-65: Chloe, Lana, Mary, Alice, Lydia, and Lola
4) :iconodd8ball: Demon oc
5) :icontimeblitz: Liv the bunny
6) :iconcartoonanimefan2000: Arthur
7) :iconanthrofurrieslover: Marie (from "The Aristocats") anthropomorphic, and as a flight attendant)
8) :iconlolichulollipop: oc and bendy
9) :iconpastelrarity: oc in bendy/1930s style
10) ask-reboot-batim on Tumblr.     Reboot Bendy

Please put all requests in the comments so it's easier to keep track of them.
I've been away for awhile, takes carioca I spend way longer on than I'd like to admit

(DA won't let me put Zé as the title so we're stuck with Ze)
I'm not dead.
Gonna be posting 2 random bits of "art" in a minute
:iconsonicandtailsfan64: is a user on devaint art that I've wanted to talk about for the longest time and I feel that with the impending Article 13 and 11 coming (that I will be talking about later in this post in regards to him) now or never. So, let's just hope he doesn't nuke me. That being said, if you are reading this :iconsonicandtailsfan64: or even if your a fan of him, I ask you to hear me out and remember that this is all just my opinion. Do not, under any circumstances harass this user.
PART 1 - His content
I'm not going to lie, I used to really like his content even if I only like a small portion of it. So that's the portion of his content I'm going to be talking about today HIS SONIC FANFICS.
He isn't good at writing, everything is every samey this can seen from the screenshots that I'm showing throughout this portion. As you can hopefully see, all of his stories start out almost identically, with very little variation. It almost always starts of with "It was a (adjective) and (adjective) day/night on (insert place here) and (insert character) was..." and then it continues from there.
Writin 1 by TheFanGirl16Writin 2 by TheFanGirl16Writin 3 by TheFanGirl16
Writin 4 by TheFanGirl16
Writin 5 by TheFanGirl16

Bad grammar. "Sonic and Tails was" (which should be Sonic and Tails were)and, my personal favourite "A couple of hours had passed as the two brothers are in an jet plane as they was in their flight to Spagonia" (which should be A couple of hours had passed as the two brothers were in a jet plane as they were on their flight to Spagonia.)

1 by TheFanGirl16
2 by TheFanGirl16

This wouldn't usually be to bad of a problem, but this is in almost every story and these take about 1 minute at best to read back through it and fix especially the grammar.
PART 2 - His attitude
This is gonna be a bit self centred, so forgive me for that but I feel that is very important to talk about. Here's an example:
Attude Screenshot 1 by TheFanGirl16
^This, to me at least, comes off as him not wanting to improve.
Here's another:

Attude 2 by TheFanGirl16
^How very humble of you good sir, how very humble. Seriously wtf kind of response is this, even if you didn't like it say something a bit nicer then "I like mine more".
There are also multiple instances of him over reacting to people who don't like the show when y'know he could ignore them or something.
4 by TheFanGirl16
3 by TheFanGirl16
5 by TheFanGirl16

And now we get onto the personal stuff, which has on multiple occasions made me personally feel really bad. I mean I know I'm over emotional but still.... let's get into it... I just want to get this over with.
14th November 2017
Now I'm not gonna lie, I could have SHOULD HAVE handed it better but it was a little after midnight and I was 13. He later went on to delete all of this, so you only have my words and pixelated screenshots from my phone to of off.
Me 1 by TheFanGirl16
6 by TheFanGirl16
7 by TheFanGirl16

Me 2 P1 by TheFanGirl16
Me 2 P2 by TheFanGirl16
Me 2 P3 by TheFanGirl16
Me 2 P4 by TheFanGirl16

Here's the most recent incident:

9 by TheFanGirl16
10 by TheFanGirl16
11 by TheFanGirl16
12 by TheFanGirl16
13 by TheFanGirl16
14 by TheFanGirl16
15 by TheFanGirl16
16 by TheFanGirl16 the end I had to threaten him with a call out post to be left alone.

Again, this is just my opinion, my side of the story. Do not go and harass :iconsonicandtailsfan64:

Video typo changed to post

I have created a video to show my views on this rant, I suggest watching it in addition to reading this rant in order to see my opinions and point of view on the matters stated in this rant. After posting the below video, I want as little to do with :iconsonicandtailsfan64: as possible, as it is not doing my mental health any good. However, I will not block :iconsonicandtailsfan64: just in case he does want to get in contact with me in an attempt to reach some common ground. That being said, if he contacts me for any reason other than the one I just stated, I will not hesitate to block him and any white knights or the harassers, trolls, ect, ect that he send my way. Please try to understand that I made this choice to move on from this affair all together.…
I initially put the wrong video at the end, sorry.

Edit (again) 
As you may or may not know, I've kinda left DA now, in fact I'm thinking of deactivating but I feel this matter was left too open ended. Again, I am sorry for my actions. This is the last thing I plan to post on devaint art full stop:…


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