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[Astalone] It's a....Drog
Species Name: Drog
Discovered by: Miner dwarves found them one day eating rocks, thought they were cool and now they've become favoured pets.
Appearance/Anatomy: Mix between a bulldog and a frog.
Variations: Males are larger than females, and they have a variant of colours but other than that...they tend to look mostly the same. 
Size: They are are roughly the size of a normal bull frog...but can grow to bulldog size.
Alignment: They're extremely loyal and very friendly in alignment! 
Lifespan: They generally live about 10 years.
Habitat: They prefer swampy areas, but as long as there's water they'll live anywhere.
Active Seasons: Tend to be more active in the summer due to being cold-blooded. Keep them inside during winter.
Diet: They will eat anything you give them - especially rocks. Feed them rocks. 
Tidbits: They can swing round on things using their tongues. 

[ Gold Count ] 
Chibi full body (x8 (+one coloured): 420 G
Plus Quest points: 200 G

Total Gold: 
620 G
[Astalone] Athier Emrys
Athier Emrys (c) me 

▌ P R O F I L E

Name: Athier Emrys
Age: 147
Gender: Male
Height: 6’’3
Class: Spellcaster

▌ J O B,  M A G I C & S K I L L S

       ↳Create Lvl 2 - Small, sharp shards of ice ( 5 ) shoot out from your hand like sprayed bullets.
       ↳Mend Lvl 2  - Deeper cuts and open wounds are closed shut, and broken bones are mended back together ( will be painful ).
       ↳Mage Light Lvl n/a -A small orb of light will appear and help light your way even on the darkest of nights. It only lasts for 2 minutes and can only be used once a day!

Residence: Oeribas Village
Job: Bartender

| STRENGTH:  0 |
| ACCURACY:  10 |
| AGILITY: 17|
| CRAFT: 5 |
| FIRST-AID:  10 |
| MAGIC: 10 |
| CUSTOM: 2 |

Custom: Backpfeifengesicht
"With an aura that exudes an awfully smug arrogance, you can't help but get the urge to punch him. In battles, he's often the first one targeted"
How it works: 'To resist roll 1d20 and roll higher than Athier's 1d20+custom'
SPEND || 59

P A S T & P R E S E N T

“One, two, three, one, two, three, drink
Throw em back, till I lose count
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist” 
Chandelier by Sia
Athier grew up with the pressure that he was expected to be the perfect son, the heir to the Emrys family business. However, the elf was often lazy and rarely ever took his responsibilities all too seriously, instead opting to go out and get drunk at the pub or hang out with other friends who shared similar views to work ethics. 
He rarely spent any time at home as his parents, despite putting up the appearance of a happy family, often argued over their work and business, believing their own way was better than the others and vice versa. 
A lot of Athier’s reckless and self-destructive behaviour acted like a coping mechanism to help him deal with the family quarrels and emotions he never understood all that well in the first place. 
Eventually, he began to spiral into worse behaviours. Athier’s condescending and cocky attitude eventually got into a magic-wielding duel and it ended up backfiring when a bolt of electricity left him injured.
Eventually, he was deemed too much to handle, so, with his bad attitude and a scarring face he outright refused to heal, Athier was exiled from the Heasi Kingdom. 

After his exile, he began travelling. At one point, Athier ended up Kilrim City, however, the dwarves ‘all work and no play’ mentality felt a bit too close to home and Athier found he couldn’t bare to live there very long. 
Next on his journey was the human village of Oeribas. To his joy, as he began to observe the humans, he found that they were not as dedicated to working as the dwarves had been and were quite interesting to watch. It was this that had Athier deciding to stay in the village and make residence. 

Athier lives in Oeribas, working as a bartender at one of the taverns. It’s the perfect job for him. He gets paid for basically having fun and serving a few people or cleaning tables now and then. Despite his age, he still seems to have learned nothing and outside of his flirtatious nature, the elf’s condescending tone and arrogant nature tend to get him in trouble one too many times.


“Sorry love, it’s a dagger in my pants. Better luck next time~”

✔ [Optimistic pessimist · Charismatic · Social Butterfly . Easy Going]
= [ Sarcastic . Flirtatious .  Aloof .  Boisterous]
✘ [ Condescending . Lack of Empathy . Lazy . Unhinged . Stalkerish]

[L I K E S]
       ↳ Being Pampered
       ↳ Drinking
       ↳ Egging people on
       ↳ Shiny Objects
       ↳ Mirrors
       ↳ Learning how to imitate new emotions
       ↳ Observing humans
       ↳ Picking on dwarves

[D I S L I K E S]

       ↳  Being told he has a drinking problem
       ↳ Unhygienic things and being messy
       ↳ Being Bored  
       ↳  ‘All work and no play’ personalities
       ↳ Hangovers

[F  E A R S]
       ↳ That someone will come along behind him and cut his hair
       ↳ Electricity.
       ↳ [Redacted] 
       ↳ [Redacted] 


Additional Information:

       ↳  Tall figure allows him to loom over humans and dwarves and watch them work - has absolutely no concept of personal space.  
       ↳ Carries a knife for protection. Don’t know why he’s a scrawny shit with no strength.
       ↳ Laughs when people mistake him for a girl - finds it cute.
       ↳ Will flirt with everyone.
       ↳ Often tries to swipe a free drink when people aren't looking. 
       ↳ Sings to self.
       ↳ Sings terribly when drunk. 
       ↳ Has drinking competitions with others because those are always fun - especially with humans who don't understand his drinking capacity. 
       ↳ Doesn't really understand emotions all that well. 

 [ Gold Count ] 

       ↳ Regular Full body || 160 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G
       ↳ Chibi Full body || 75 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G
       ↳ Regular Head shot ||110 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G

    Total: 435 gold

[Astalone] Aseal Silverjaw
Asael Silverjaw (c) me 

▌ P R O F I L E

Name: Asael Silverjaw
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: Stands at about 3’’5, claims he’s taller.  
Class: Fighter

J O B,  M A G I C & S K I L L S

       ↳ Zap Lvl 2 - Touching someone will give them an electric shock, but with an added voltage.

Kilrim City
Job: Soldier


| STRENGTH:  15 |
| ACCURACY:  7 |
| AGILITY:  3 |
| CRAFT: 10 |
| FIRST-AID:  5 |
| MAGIC: 2 |
| CUSTOM: 0 |

SPEND || 49

P A S T  &  P R E S E N T

“Go ahead, come on. Hit me! I can see that it’s cathartic for you. You’re letting go off all the anger, self-loathing, and hatred that comes with total and complete failure. Trust me, lad, I know.”

Every generation of the Silverjaw family line has lived in Kilrim City, never adventuring out and exploring new towns and always keeping to their long told traditions. Aseal is no different. As his grandfather had, Aseal crafted his own armour and weapons and joined the army at a young age becoming a well valued and capable soldier gaining the nickname of ‘The Silver tusked Boar.’
He eventually sustained an injury, however, and was off for months to recover from it. During his time off, Aseal was greeted and looked after by one of the nurses, a dwarf to which he ended up falling in love with.  
A year later, Aseal had his first child - a beautiful baby girl. The years went on and 9 years passed before his wife fell pregnant again, however, tragedy struck and she died due to complications in the birth - but a healhy baby boy was born. 
A single father of two, Aseal looked after his children for almost four years alone. 
However, fears and doubts began to bubble in his mind and he ended up leaving his children in the care of his sister and her spouse and left to rejoin the army. 

5 years have passed and still, Aseal’s sister still takes care of his children. While she is more than happy to, she wishes her brother would at least make an attempt. 
Aseal is a stubborn dwarf who only knows of the soldier life, strict routine and battle - it’s what he understands and feels comfortable in. Despite loving his children with all his heart, his fears still grip him and hold him back and he’d rather not ruin his children’s lives being what he thinks would be a bad father - they don’t deserve that.


“Look, lad. There goes another fookin’ tree. Walkin’ bout as if they own the bloody place.”

✔ [Caring  · Proud ·  Reliable . Meticulous ]
= [ Stubborn . uninhibited . Perfectionist ]
✘ [  Blunt   . Superstitious . Foul Mouthed ]
[L I K E S]
       ↳  Gambling
       ↳ Drinking
       ↳ Good Craftsmanship
       ↳  Well kept facial hair.
       ↳ Routine and order

[D I S L I K E S]
       ↳ Anything taller than him
       ↳  People getting into his personal space - he will shock you.
       ↳ Laziness

[F  E A R S]
       ↳  That he is inadequate as a father

▌ E X T R A

Additional Information:
       ↳ Calls any elf that he meets 'tree' or rather anyone taller than him tbh.  
       ↳  He has children: A daughter and a son, but he doesn’t visit them as often as he should.
       ↳  Lad and Lass are very common, rarely calls people by their name because he rarely remembers names.
       ↳  If he remembers your name, he probably likes you.
       ↳  Endures pain like a tank
       ↳ Hesitant about other blacksmiths due to uncle's suspicions. Made his own weapon.
       ↳  Tries really hard not to swear around children.

 [ Gold Count ] 

       ↳ Regular Full body || 160 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G
       ↳ Chibi Full body || 75 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G
       ↳ Regular Head shot ||110 G
       ↳ Flat colors || +30 G

    Total: 435 gold



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