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Sonic Jam

By theEyZmaster
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==Sonic Jam Project==
Characters for now: 39

!!Best view requires 1280x1024 screen resolution!!

:new: UPDATE July 22nd 2009
Added more characters! New visual! And I'changed lots of things in the flash file so it will be easier for me to update it and stuff!

My Big Sonic the hedgehog PROJECT!

it's NOT FINISHED of course, but it's something i can update easily, unlike my previous attempts...

This Sonic tribute will feature lots of characters from the video game series, so before any fanboys/fangirls tell me so: NO ARCHIE characters, no COMICS/MANGA/ANIME characters, NO COSMO, NO SALLY, etc...

Enjoy this as a tribute! it will stay a WorkInProgress of course!
there will be all the previous characters i've done in the last giant pic [link] + all new ones I missed as well (werehogs, aliens, etc...)

Tell me what d'you think!

Enjoy! :'3

Previous Characters pic:
Sonic characters tribute [link]
Crash Bandicoot tribute [link]
Earthworm Jim tribute [link]
art © :icontheeyzmaster: 2008-09.
Sonic the hedgehog and all related characters © SEGA
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-Clicks Play
-Sees Werehog
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A few things, it's not super tails, its hyper tails, super tails was never a thing, if u got all of the chaos emeralds in s&k3, it didnt do anything as tails, but when u get the SUPER chaos emeralds, he becomes hyper tails, also: shade the who now? also also: wheres Vecter, espio, and charmy, alsoalsoalso, where is Gamma and mecha sonic?
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I think you got Prof Chao and Doc Chao switched
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that's the joke!

turn on your Dreamcast, check it back and come back to me afterwards~
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you should make 'one of a kind' section or bonus like EXE
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AWW AWESOME!But delete tails doll that thing scares me...
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I should replace all the character by Tails Doll for Aprils Fool or something :P
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tails doll terifys me....i know that was spelled wrong i am just in a hurry .-.
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*sigh* I will never understand internet memes..
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:iconchaos0plz: It's Chaos! The God of Destruction!
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When I saw Eggman Nega I faved it :D
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This is Beautiful
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No Problem, what do you use to draw?
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Simply pencils for my sketches, then I ink+color on photoshop! :)
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what about tikal? :?
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While I am sad about the no Sally etc., the Tails Adventures characters TOTALLY makes up for it!
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