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Sonic Boomz

By theEyZmaster
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I have only but one thing to say about this upcoming new show "Sonic Boom"…
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sad truth is that the real thing went out to become worse than this...
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looks like Eggman lost weight lol
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I died laughing of knuckles and amy. I even notice the troll face on amy/eggman's face.
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Oh lord the Dr.Amy Shadow :B  And that's totally Popeye with dread locks!
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I yam what I yam!
Knuckles the Sailor-Echidnaaaaaa!~
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Fake Crash is now Fake Sonic. Nuff said.
Nice one!
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How did you know I was going to draw  FAKE CRASH's teeth on Sonic?!? XD
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Time paradox. This is future me speaking.
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Also, I really hope they shrink Knuckles down to his normal size before this comes out. o.o;

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I think this is going to be farther from the games than any previous cartoon/anime ever were! Sonic the movie included!

They all seem to be sporting clothes! °__°
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damn it must be cold for knipples! :XD:
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Wow you were quick on that idea, beat me to it! XD
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haha :P
I had to!

Don't hesitate to give your own take on this, I'd love to see your style on these crazy shadows! XD
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