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SEGA Classics Opa Opa



Eyz presents SEGA Classics
Opa Opa from the Fantasy Zone series

For my Fantasy Zone article on my blog, here's a new SEGA Classics drawing. It's Opa Opa!

A great original character from a fun Arcade series!
The Fantasy Zone games are a pretty hardcore series, know as cute 'em up (pun on the shoot 'em up) which may look pretty kiddie/nice and colored but are pretty difficult arcade shooters in fact.

Opa Opa is not a ship!!
He was during the 80s the mascot Sega used for their Arcade division.

See you next time... :'3

Art, design & recreated logos © :icontheeyzmaster: 2010.
Original Game, Sega, the Sega logo and the recreated game logo based on a Sega game © SEGA.
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this little ship can seriously haul some tail on the track lolz...I absolutely love OPA OPA =D