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Hypnotist Miley Cyrus

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Hypnotist Miley Cyrus

I apologize for my recent absence, I will still be down for a while, but I will continue creating artworks and give you another photo dump shortly
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I will do anything I can to please my master.
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Yes miley, you are my goddess now....
Miley cyrus controls me. Your wish is my command @_@😍
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Forever obey... Mikey Cyrus... Watch... Swing... Feels... Amazing...
Teemolechasseur's avatar
Must... Obey mistress Cyrus...
slavejoiner's avatar
Obeyur's avatar
Imust OBEY @_@
Obeyur's avatar
Stops thinking starts obeying @_@
TroiGal15's avatar
@_@... yes miley..
LadySolonna's avatar
Whay do you obey her?
Phillyrulz's avatar
Could u do Blake Lively hypnotized?
hinter2624's avatar
instead of miley cyrus hypnotizing us. what about miley cyrus gets hypnotized too.
x-from-x's avatar
great posing and eyes :)
Great! Kate Middleton maybe???? :)
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A very cool photo.
Pearks's avatar
damn! that's just perfect...
dont worry, after staring at this picture for a few minutes i forgive you
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Cool effect on the crystal.
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