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near heaven's door I found myself
stripped of all my heart and health
rasping, as I felt all fade away
when like a human hurricane
an old, familiar foe had came
to flay me for things I'd done before
from her lips, sweet and gentle hate
that pulled me from my deathly state
flowed like burning oil from a well in flames
my world roared back from night to day
and through her anger I was saved
though she'd sooner want me a corpse upon the floor
with all the pain that hatred brings
it is a beautifully violent thing
that drives us more than love or curious mind
destroying tyrants, driving change
for one it leaves broken or deranged
it makes ten that drive us ever further on.
swaying masses, corrupting gods
and winning fights against all odds
I assure you, there's no better tool to find.
turns blood to black to pitch to tar
but carries one so incredibly far
it's almost worth no one missing you when gone.
the vitriol I find in this girl
towards me makes my head whirl
I find myself in a woeful s
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OUR SELF PORTRAIT by theEyeoftheMind71 OUR SELF PORTRAIT :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 5 Retard Falls Attracts Tourists by theEyeoftheMind71 Retard Falls Attracts Tourists :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 1 11 welcome to Retard Falls. by theEyeoftheMind71 welcome to Retard Falls. :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 9
Falling away
>listen to 'falling away with you' by muse. part of the inspiration for the story came from it.
she clung to it, as everything faded.
had she been 8? 10? she was young, for sure. her parents were still together, her brother still off studying abroad. they were at the beach, enjoying the sun before the fall brought darkness and snow.
it stole her fries, and she was bawling. a little wingull had snatched the cup from her hands, and was eating it a ways down the beach. her mother tried to comfort her, but it didn't help. it hadn't just taken her fries, it had scared her. badly. Father, she remembered, reacted quickly. he ran up to the car, and came back holding a friend ball. he kneel next to her, wiped the tears from her face, and gave her the ball.
"Go on, Naomi, catch him!"
"Shh, let her go. she needs a friend while her Brother's away. Daniel caught his first around her age."
she remembered the love and hope in her father's eyes as he turned to face her.
"Go on, now! before h
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facebook victories 1
step 1: create portal.
step 2: access computer through portal
Step 3: fight off computer when it becomes sentient
step 4:Tͪ̈́̀̇̍ͬ̏ͮ͏͜͏̷͏͉̱̯͉̥̰H̸̨ͮͨ̀́͛̽͐̿͌ͧ͑̀҉̦̗̺̝̫̝̲̖̤͈̞̀Eͬ̌̍̄͑̅̑ͭͥ̓́̓͋͑̒̓̒͌͏̧̝͎̞͓̰̻͞ ̧͍̤̻͕̣̽ͥͪ̌̀͘C̡̪̖̦̰͇̬̝͊̽́̐́͟ͅAͤ͂ͤͩ̉͐ͩͬ̆̓̔ͮ̒͗̚̚...ͫ͒ͥ҉̴̷̦͕̺̗̩͙͙͡Ḱͥͪͮ̓ͫͧͩ͌ͣ̆͗͋̃
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Short rhymes to kill time V
a fool who bickers with the king
of flame wars will surely feel his sting
when at the end, the king, he adds
that final taunt of taunts: 'U mad?'
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 0
Short rhymes to kill time IV
it's times like this I start to see
when faced with utter banality
only way to truly be free
is to adopt some surreality
if not, that's fine, I suppose, I guess
...but even the things that I like best
draw me to them less and less
until I'm bored to tears unless
I look through the glass fisheye lens
and just for a brief second pretend
that things are stranger than they seem
life's just better half a dream.
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 0
Short rhymes to kill time III
(spoiler. sort of.)
Mr. Pilgrim, sir, you're a man among men.
so awesome your journey managed to end.
Yes, Scott, my boy, it was you vs. world.
but in the end, you saved the day and the girl.
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 1 0
Short rhymes to kill time II
see, I've been on a rhyming streak
and now at least for a few weeks
I'll post glib snippets like this one here
as when they come I'm never near
someone who's willing to listen to me
and this shitty one-shot poetry.
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 0
Short rhymes to kill time I
If only our misanthropy
was backed with some lycanthropy
then the world could truly see
what terrors you and I could be.
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 2
EMERLOO'S FREE SKETCH by theEyeoftheMind71 EMERLOO'S FREE SKETCH :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 1 35 Hallow's eve chibis 2 by theEyeoftheMind71 Hallow's eve chibis 2 :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 6 Hallow's eve chibis 1 by theEyeoftheMind71 Hallow's eve chibis 1 :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 6
Clemens 10th floor poem
All it took find my voice was a simple piece of chalk
so from now on, I'll leave a note, everywhere I walk
from CFA to NSC you'll find my secret way
for as long as I'm still breathing, I'll have something else to say. -XIII

Follow me
so cold
there's darkness down here
my favorite place
up down all around
my chalk broke
still breathing
:icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 0 4
DF's request-spiral by theEyeoftheMind71 DF's request-spiral :icontheeyeofthemind71:theEyeoftheMind71 2 10
may cause cancer in California.



AKA the Human Carcinogen.
United States

I made a new account under the name of ~raccooninajar and I'm making this one a "time Capsule". I haven't touched this account in somewhere around four years. I'm going to preserve my innocent youth (and yes, by comparison, the shit here is innocent), and the rest will be to the new account.

anyways, you can go back to ignoring me now.

(data restricted) was born in a cross-fire hurricane. he howled and he cried in the driving rain.

he was raised by California Condors who had been misplaced to New York, and for a while was cheif editor of the rolling stones. by a while he means 8 nanoseconds, and he shared the position with Wilfred Brimley and Kurt Cobain's ashes.

at 17, he beat Dave Mustaine in a baby punching contest with his move "uppercut back to the womb."

he's been to moscow, and would like to assure us (as seen in his gallery) that there were, indeed, no bears.

he believes that the anarchy and mayhem presented in fight club perfectly fit the need for change today.

he's pretty sure you don't give a fuck about him or his dA submissions/account or his life.
he's not upset.
he's long since come to terms with that.
your mailbox was bombed merely because he was bored.

Current Residence: the ALMIGHTY state of NY....we have death apples.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large is fine. not that anyone cares...
Print preference: JUST BUY ONE FOR ME
Favourite genre of music: Progressive Rock/Metal, Classical, Blues, Hard Rock
Favourite photographer: John Sexton, Ansel Adams, Anne Leibovitz
Favourite style of art: furries, photography, manga-style and surrealism.
Operating System: Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.
MP3 player of choice: iPod, Your Mom
Shell of choice: well, if we're talking for a howitzer, the 150mm are usually fine.
Wallpaper of choice: current band/movie of interest, game stuff, your mom.
Skin of choice: Diamondback (lol snakeskin)
Favourite cartoon character: robin hood, sonic, Jill Valentine, Your Mom
Personal Quote: I'll burn my name into this country, by word or gasoline, by song or election.


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