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TheExquisiteCorpse Club

I started TheExquisiteCorpse club a little more than 7 years ago and I have seen some amazing collaborations in these years.  The EC was created by myself and Bernardumaine Bernard has been one of the most inspirational artists on this site. I have seen some incredible transformations of skill and ideas over these 7 + years. I get compliments on the group daily, telling me it is their favorite group in DA.

I am not the most proficient artist by far. I love to make my drawings and play the EC game. Some people here  have the most beautiful control of the pencil and eraser.Velvety perfect shading , realism like nothing else I have seen, only in dreams.

I am blown away by their artistry every day. I am grateful that younger artists are inspired to draw because of the EC.  A lot of love was put into the concepts of the EC, 4-way drawings as well as double diagonal split, or just the regular left + right, top and bottom.

Whatever way you can collaborate,  do it.

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Deborah-Valentine's avatar
Don't forget that in our journals we still have all the languages as a tutorials for the basic EC.
TonHaring's avatar
It's my favourite group on DA by far
thomasbossert's avatar
thank you sooooo much for making such a wonderful group...for me it was the start in a wonderful, fantastic artistic world!! :hug::hug::hug:
Ravens-Eye-Studio's avatar
Yes. Amazing people and amazing art work. THis club is wonderful! You have done a really good thing in creating and maintaining it. Thank you for all of your hard work and all of the work you are yet to do. You and Bernard and every one who has contributed are amazing and wonderful people. :)
ChaosKatie's avatar
Three cheers to the EC!! I would not be where I am today and where I will be in another 7 years without this club. I love this group and am thankful for it's existence. You and Bernard rule!

Thank you!!
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
Thanks Katie for thinking to afiliate #TheExquisiteCorpse with #Graphite-Graphics It will be amazing and creative!
ChaosKatie's avatar
Thank you for accepting Deb! I hope to do something good with this for sure! :nod:
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
What I would really like but don't expect would be to afilliate with the CC
ChaosKatie's avatar
I know...we can work on fixing this I think. Cause you know what Stuart Smalley says into his mirror of self reflection right? LOL -> I'm good enough. Smart enough. And gosh-darnit, people like me!

I love Stuart (aka Al Franken). :heart:
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
wow that is a great piece of inspiration
ChaosKatie's avatar
LOL! Are you being sarcastic or serious...having a hard time telling. :giggle:
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
I am unsure about what the conversation is about.. I will look again
IvanMoe's avatar
Hell yeah, here is to 7 + more years of awe inspiring collaborations!
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Congrats Deborah and Bernard!!! Long Life!!....

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<img src="[link]" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" height="15" width="15">
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You did a great job when you created this club, Deborah ! This site really helped a lot to develop the number of participants in the game :D
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
Thank you Bernard, I feel good when I think of all the great artwork everyone has participated in creating.
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