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It is with great sadness that I have recently learned that our friend Deborah Valentine has a neurodegenerative condition ultimately leading to dementia, clinically diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.

Along with Bernard Dumaine and Jean-Paul Miller, Deborah’s drive and enthusiasm was central to the formation of this Exquisite Corpse group on…. Who could have guessed in 2005 that this group would grow to include so many collaborations by amazing artists from all over the world. The impressive gallery of work produced by this group of friends is stunning and would not have happened in such a creative way without Deborah’s constant input and careful direction. So many deep connections between artists have been forged over the years and new collaborations continue to build on what Deborah started. Her mischievous sense of humour, her talents and surreal vision are clearly evident in all her work. I feel privileged to have been a small part of her life and greatly miss chatting with her and the excitement of seeing her new works. I send her love for all her efforts over the years, admiration for her constant inspiration, and gratitude that she has been a part of my life.
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It is always sad when one receives such news about a colleague and friend. I found this note a bit late since I don't visit that often. Deborah's work had always impressed me. On the Visionary Art Website, there is a page for her:

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Deb is basically my older sister. We grew up together, often living in the same household for years at a time.; That was especially true durning many of my highschool years. Because she was my sister, I was the only guy that got to hang out with ten of the prettiest girls in her HS clique.Thanks deb! lol

She turned me on to DA a very long time ago.Because she was such a fantastic artist from very early on, often referred to the artist the the family, I did not figure out that I was an artist in my own rights till I was in my forties. Her style has was always been very organic, mine was more mechanical/technical. Two different styles for sure. She could free hand draw just about anything from a very early age from memory. We were surrounded by art in our household. I know it had a strong influence on us.

I am pretty sure I got deb her first commercial job. She had to draw a sleeping bag for a local sportings good store to use in an ad campaign. It was pretty cool looking but, a very fluffy bag. :)& I think we got paid $15 for it split two ways.She really never went the hardcore commercial route, even though I tried to persuade her on several occasions over the years. She was not about selling her art, she was about making it. The style she has represented here in TheExquisiteCorpse was first displayed in high school.She at one point early on she was strongly considering going into some sort of medical illustration as a career.

I recognized the incipient issues with deb about 3 years ago now. No one in the family seemed to catch on till about a year later.It has been a very strange and sad journey. Anyways, Thanks guys for this tribute to deb.Mahalo
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It's so lovely to hear more about Deborah, thank you so much for sharing your memories! :hug:
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I remember of our first exchanges when we managed how to create our first exquisite corpses, she was so enthusiastic about it ! Thank you  Scott for your post !
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Amazing woman, through and through!
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Such a brilliantly talented & creative woman, I'm so saddened to learn she has this condition :No, I disagree! :
...sending many good vibes, so much love for the many kind & encouraging words she gave myself & others over the years :tears: :heart:
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Really sad news :( She was the reason I started doing EC's as she asked me to collaborate with her...

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Sending Peace & Love
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Beautifully said.
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So sad to hear this.  I'm so grateful to have been able to experience her art. 
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Great tribute, Sal. Deserved tribute. I had no idea... It is with enormous sadness that I'm writing these words.
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So sad to read this. 😥She was always kind and supportive with me. I owe her much.. Great tribute!
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Admirable friend and perfect artists!!
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Nice tribute, Sal, Deborah deserves it !
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Thanks Bernard! So sad that Deborah isn't with us now :-(
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This truly breaks my heart!!! Feels like my guts have been ripped out! :crying: 
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