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It is with great sadness that I have recently learned that our friend Deborah Valentine has a neurodegenerative condition ultimately leading to dementia, clinically diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.

Along with Bernard Dumaine and Jean-Paul Miller, Deborah’s drive and enthusiasm was central to the formation of this Exquisite Corpse group on DeviantArt.com www.deviantart.com/theexquisit…. Who could have guessed in 2005 that this group would grow to include so many collaborations by amazing artists from all over the world. The impressive gallery of work produced by this group of friends is stunning and would not have happened in such a creative way without Deborah’s constant input and careful direction. So many deep connections between artists have been forged over the years and new collaborations continue to build on what Deborah started. Her mischievous sense of humour, her talents and surreal vision are clearly evident in all her work. I feel privileged to have been a small part of her life and greatly miss chatting with her and the excitement of seeing her new works. I send her love for all her efforts over the years, admiration for her constant inspiration, and gratitude that she has been a part of my life.
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:bulletblack: It is up to you to find a partner to collaborate with, I cannot tell you who to chose:bulletblack:

To Join, send your request to us in a note
Create a collaboration in the way we suggest below for a review to

Remember this is an advanced skill level group.

:bulletblack:The basics: One person draws on one side of the page, covers it save a 3 cm strip then sends it through the general post to their partner. Their partner finishes the drawing based just on that 3 cm strip and then scans it and posts it online.

There have been different formats:
:bulletblack:4 panels,
:bulletblack:Square with round in the center,

:bulletblack:Digital: sending their strip via email to finish (Please! no previews of the strip to anyone)
:bulletblack:digital and traditional collage still relying on the strip.


This group was founded 7 years ago and has gone through some interesting changes, Joy, psychic experiences and many other incredible events.

Have fun and be adventurous in your choice of a collaborator.







Gallery Folders

Dream of the Hydra - collab w Marc Gosselin by nightserpent
New dimensions by Podestina
Incantation by mariosvonkerpen
Core by Bernardumaine
Traditional Black White EC's
The Geometry of Death by Deborah-Valentine
Keneru and Bernard Dumaine 2013 - The Adaptation by Keneru92
Man's best friend by marcgosselin
Man's best friend by Deborah-Valentine
Digital EC's
Sonata per violoncello by Bernardumaine
the power of boredom by 8025glome
...ho visto la volta capovolta by Podestina
Narciso by Podestina
Traditional Colored EC's
Head like a hole by Bernardumaine
Head like a hole - Exquisite Corpse by liransz

Mature Content

'Nirvana' by R-L-Frisby
Behind Boundaries of Mind by Nerafinuota
Traditional Mixed Media

Mature Content

The Followers by Deborah-Valentine
Book : A History_EC by dancok
Digital Collage
Lysergic dream of a mermaid by TheExquisiteCorpse
Telescoping Degrees of Liberty by TheExquisiteCorpse
Whisper by TheExquisiteCorpse
Underwater Symphony by TheExquisiteCorpse

Group Info

A collaborative club for digital and traditional artists. The club was based on the surrealist game The Exquisite Corpse, a parlor game where the drawing was hidden from the other artists save a small strip to carry on the image.
This club is over 7 years old, the first surreal collaborative club of its kind.
Founded 18 Years ago
May 13, 2005


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
drawing , digital, collage

59 Members
1,344 Watchers
344,999 Pageviews

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I am looking for a collaborator for exquisite corpse art and would love to work on something right away that can be posted to this group...
My skill level is very high but not as high as some of you, and I will spend extra time as necessary on this project to bring up the detail level and user smaller and sharper pencils.  You can look at some of my works by clicking on my logo or going to cyurus.deviantart.com .  I love colour or line art.  There are three or four sketches near the top... this is the sort of art I do.
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me too
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Keep at it! You can hone your skills easily!
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We no longer use text  for our collaborations
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