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So I was posting the comic on the website today and realized I COMPLETELY forgot to keep posting here on DA, and I now feel like a ass. I have fixed it and will try to keep up with it from now on. 
Sorry about that all. Nae is ashamed.
Hi Everyone, 

Matt and I have something a little bit different going on right now that I wanted to let you in on. Starting last night until Christmas Day we will be posting DAILY strips on the website! This story arc (if you can call it that) is called Twelve Days of Jordan. Where Jordan, Matt's co-worker at POW, is driven mad by the holiday rush, long hours, and constantly repeating Christmas Songs. We will be showing you the decent as it happens every day. Join us won't you?

As for Deviant Art I will continue to put strips up here one every Thursday, so this means the website will be significantly ahead of DA. If you would like to keep up with the site I welcome you to like our facebook page where we will inform you of every update and anything else that happens to be going on. 

Thanks for reading everyone, we love you guys!
Greetings wonderful people, 
I have a very exciting announcement to make... The Adventures of Matt -n- Nae finally has a website! Please do check us out over at matt-n-naecomics.comUpdates will continue to be on Wednesday on the site and then I will post the strip here on Thursdays. 

I would seriously like to thank all of you for the wonderful comments and favs you have given us over the past many month. The response has been more than encouraging and is what prompted us to make our very own website in the first place. You guys are awesome and I hope you will continue to enjoy MnN as we settle into our new web home. 
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So a bit of an update on things in general...

My mom, after almost three months of recover found out that her fractured vertebrae was not healing at all. It really came down to surgery or the rest of here life in pain. She went in for surgery about an hour ago and I am really worried. It's a pretty rough procedure where they have to go in through the front, remove every thing in their path, set the vertebrae, and the putting everything back... yeah, I'm freaking out. 
To top it off, a couple days after my mom found out she would need to get surgery she found out the hospital would be putting her on a "Leave of Absence" (read layoff). This means when she is finally ready to go back to work (which will not likely be for another 3 months) she will not be guaranteed the same position, or even a position at all.
Gah, I just want her to be better and for everything to be ok. 

Ok, so moving on before The Nae goes from evil to evil and pissed off. 

I have two more illustrated books under my belt, neither is actually out yet, but still pretty exciting. One is a book of poetry about love, loss, and werewolves... so fun fun. The other is a cute kids fire prevention workbook featuring fluffy malamutes wearing fire hats. I still maintain I am not cute, I don't like cute things, I don't like drawing cute things, and SHUT UP QUIT LOOKING AT ME!!!
... Fine, I love it, leave me alone.
These books are all by the same local author who I worked with in the past and he is currently working opening up a shop where he will sell his books, merchandise, and artwork by me and his other illustrator. There are still a lot of things up in the air about it, but there is some great potential for growth that I'm really excited about. 

So other than that. A comic every week, a commission here and there, and life continues to be a busy whirlwind of stress an emotion. Which is good I suppose, because if it wasn't I wouldn't have anything to Grump about, and that would just be sad.
I'm having a bit of a time of things... I don't know if I can call it a good or bad time simply because it has been a deluge of both for quite a while now. I lost my grandpa about a month ago, two weeks later my sister got married... I thought all that had been an emotional roller-coaster and was looking forward to my first published work of illustration to come out next week. The signing for which my parents were so excited to be attending, then my mom got in an accident. 

She was mowing lawn on Friday on one of the many hills in our yard. It was a hill she had mowed a thousand times but this time she came at it from a slightly different angle. The mower flipped, folded her in half, and landed on her chest. It was only because of a blown out tire on a tractor that my Dad and my neighbor were at the house. They saw it happen and between the two of them were able to get the 1500lb lawn mower off of here... If they hadn't been there... My mom was in ICU for 2 days and is now in physical therapy for her 11 broken ribs, fractured sternum, and a compression fracture in her spine. 

My mom is the toughest most determined lady I know. She's an Army Veteran, a Hospice Nurse, a Farmer's Wife and my definition of a bad ass... and I almost lost her. I hadn't really wanted to be reminded that my mom isn't indestructible, but apparently it was a lesson me, my family, and her all needed to learn. 

It's going to be a long road to recovery with a lot of pain and a lot of changes to her life, but if anyone can do it, my mommy can. 
Hello all, 

Bit of a quick note about something I'm doing this week. 

I am participating in the fund-raiser for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) where I am locked up for a day and attempt to raise my "bail" that will go back to the help those effected by muscle disease in my area. I am over halfway to my goal with 1 day left to go on the clock. I would appreciate any support you felt willing to give to helping families afford treatment and help work towards cures for various muscular diseases. You can make a donation here --->…

If you can't contribute... no problem. If you would prefer to make your donations to your our local organization or another cause... Please do. We are all able to do something for our communities and the people who need help around us. So whatever you feel you can contribute or do to be a helping hand, today feels like to good day to be awesome don't you think?

Thanks, you kickass people!

Hello everyone!

There are a lot of things going on right now so I figured I would do a little journal update . Especially since the last one was basically a drunk text to the internet. While entertaining I'm sure it was not very informative.

I have been very busy lately and I am very excited to announce why. On July 27th my very first published work of illustration will be out. It is the first installment of a illustrated chapter book series for young readers written by a local Iowa author B.J. Schwartz. The series is about a young boy and his two giant Alaskan Malamute pups, 'Lil Maxx and Bear. It is a follow up to B.J.'s other childrens book series the Adventures of Max and I where the same boy raises the pups' father. Two of my favorite things about working on this project have been:

  1. 'Lil Maxx and Bear are based on the author's real life dogs, whom I get to spend time with regularly. I would claim it's for inspiration in drawing them, but really it is because the are the most beautiful and sweetest dogs in the world.

  2. The books are written entirely in beautiful verse. They promote not only an appreciation of poetry but the importance of an expansive vocabulary in young readers, which is something I find great joy in assisting.

The books have quite the following here in town and in less than a month we will have our release and book signing (ME?! AT A BOOK SIGNING?!?!? *faints*), which the pups will be joining us in order to place their paw prints of approval in the books of any who want an autograph. I am super excited, for obvious reasons, the least of which is that my dream of being a published illustrator will soon be a reality and I have only been out of school for a YEAR! *faints again*

In all seriousness though, if this has piqued your interest at all the preexisting books can been found here and mine will soon join them.

The other part of this announcement is... HOLY SHIT, my first book is for sure coming out in a month and for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to try to get my second project (A book of B.J.'s more mature poetic works) out by the SAME DAY. Frack. This time, no fainting. I have too much to do to faint... somebody get me a drink.

Well this devolved quickly.

I supposed the long and short of it is that I will still try to bring you the Adventures of Matt -n- Nae as often as I can manage but paid work takes precedence and all. Also my nerves will thank me for choosing to focus.

So stay awesome and kick ass wonderful people!

The Nae

The Evil Nae is inking drunk! Crappy ass day at work, contemplating beating my boss over the head with my size 10 but totally feminine combat boot, and sipping a chocolate martini (mostly vodka), and MAKIN' COMIX! WoooooOOOOoooo!

Busy night right?

If you would like to see said comic they update every Sunday over at

Now back to work that will be completely un-usable in the morning.

Sloppy drunk kisses,

Reject Comix Presents by RejectComix

In a world, where having powers is less than ordinary, four heroes will rise up in it's darkest hour to face their deepest fears, desires, and kick evil in the f-ing face.


A creation of me :icontheevilnae: and :iconkindredfire: will begin its official weekly updating from the beginning on its own dedicated DA page on Labor Day weekend. If you would like to stay abreast (hehe, breast) of what's going on in the comic watch us (creepily if possible) over at our new dedicated page.


For months and months now friends have been trying to convince me to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes most of those friends were guys). And for the longest time I quietly declined. I didn't have anything against Bronies, or any of that nonsense, I simply don't do cute. However I recently ran out of ideas for bad ass cartoons to watch on netflix, and almost the instant I acknowledge I might have to start doing homework in my free time FIM appeared in my suggestions...

I was then I was forced to remember Rainbow Heart, the leader of my own My Little Pony toys when I was a little girl. She was a bad ass. She led her friends Candy Cane, Princess, and the Pound Purry Snowflake on adventures against evil kings, monster truck monsters, and on treks across the giant desert known as "The Sandbox". The slayed dragons, exposed murderers in the barbie house, and overturned the government. I still have Rainbow Heart in storage somewhere, and even know I can remember all the details of some of her greatest adventures. Those toys meant so much to me, them and the games I played all by myself because, well I didn't much care for anyone else around me.

For memories sake, I said, and for the pretty animation style. Surely it can't be as girly as the old cartoon was, and if it's too cute I can always stop...

For your information... no you can't. That show is RIDICULOUSLY cute, but in the same way I'm sure my mom found me screaming at my toys about the corruptions of society fucking adorable. This show it all about little girls, but real little girls, real characters, with goals, flaws, and dangers both magical, physical, and social. And it's soooo cuuutee!!!..... I- ah, I mean... the animation is fucking pretty ok.

Shut up.

~The Evil Nae
So... first journal. And this does not surprise me at all that it took me being drunk, alone while my husband is out of town, and listening to a BUNCH of Venus Hum to feel the need to write something. But here it is. Drunk nae talking about how much she wants to punch someone in the face.

Not any particular someone... just someone. I want to get in a fight. Maybe I've been watching too many super hero movies/shows/cartoons (yay netflix!). Or perhaps its listening to this song… WAY too much. In any case I want to get in an all out brawl. I have only punched someone once in my entire life... APPARENTLY it isn't something girls are supposed to do. It was awesome, he deserved it, and if people hadn't stopped him from hitting me back he wouldn't have pulverized me... but it still remains one of the biggest adrenaline rushes in my life. Though now that I think about it wasn't actually the punching/near death experience that made it so memorable. It was the fact that in jabbing my little girl fist into his temple and making him cry kept him from hurting someone else.

Oh look, here I am drunk and coming to a realization about myself.

I love superheros. The concept, the stories, the whole thing... cuz I want to kick a bullies ass. Ha! The Nae's first words were profound and brokenly hilarious. Good night everyone!

~The Evil Nae