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I submitted this image, but it was declined --> Ponifed Nero by thebloodreaver

To be fair, I had no idea where It would be allowed to go, and tried sending it to "Other Characters".

My question is: is it outright declined for not fitting a certain rule, or did I overlook a folder that it could have gone in?
Yep, I get a lot of incorrect folder submissions so I long ago instituted a, "put em in the correct folder or they get declined" rule.  It's here on front page, with a guide to correct folder submissions. I'll save you the trip and tell you to resubmit it (if you want to that is) into the OC's-2 folder. Everything else is for canon show characters only. The exception is if you slam a canon character with someone from another show (e.g. Pinkie and Deadpool or something). In which case it can go in the respective folder for said character. But for just ponified characters, yeah, OC folder.
I'm very sorry for making you repeat yourself, my good man. I have read he guide, but not thoroughly enough it seemed.

Didn't even think to use the OC folder, as this wasn't really an OC, but an established character from another IP (in this case, Nero from Devil May Cry) except, ya know, as a pony.

Regardless, thank you for the clarification.
It's quite alright. Glad I could clear things up for you.
I borked up and sent my story to the Applejack page. I resubmitted it to the fanfic page. Sorry!
Thanks for being conscientious of that. A rare trait indeed... You didn't actually resubmit it, so feel free to do so again now that I cleared the old one out.
How can I contribute an art to your group?