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Sequoia-ng GTK + GNOME Shell theme

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Next generation Sequoia theme.  Inspired by Ubuntu Unity and some concept art stuff from DA.
Package contains:
GNOME Shell theme
GTK 3 theme
GTK 2 theme
Wallpapers used in preview:

Blurple by TheBakaArts
Arc Pastel Beta by me
Fira Fonts
Dash to Dock GNOME Shell extension
MMOD Panel GNOME Shell extension
Remove Dropdown Arrows GNOME Shell extension

- GNOME/GTK 3.18
- The Murrine engine or later.

Novell Distros (SUSE):
sudo zypper in gtk2-engine-murrine

Fedora/RedHat Distros:
sudo dnf install gtk-murrine-engine

Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/eOS Distros:
sudo apt install gtk2-engines-murrine

sudo pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine

Search for appropriate packages in your distribution's repository or install the engine from source.
License: The University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License
Useful tips:
In order to achieve the most Unity-like experience, enable Dash to Dock's panel mode, toggle "Shrink the dash" on and switch off intelligent autohide.
If default  dock opacity level is way too dark for you (will be fixed in the next release), set it to 45% using "Customize opacity" option.
If it still looks upside down, open "Behaviour" tab and tick a box "Move the applications button at the beginning of the dock".
Found a bug? Send a report in comment section below and I'll add your name to honorary contributors list Nod 
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