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Football Ready

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and for killing the occasional ZOMBIE!

Haven't seen this episode yet.. but have seen this... scene
looking forward to it though

Im both happy and sad that we are behind in america
he get to enjoy doctor who weeks after the brits... but we have to wait weeks to know what they know now

either way

Did you know matt smith played football? (so does everyone in Britain) but the more you know
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he been hit on the head (thats why he has the cricket bat)
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I'm pretty sure that Doctor who is released the same time in both countries...

Wouldn't it be funny if we saw him playing american football? oh the possibilities...and ANOTHER awkward towel scene in the locker room...
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Im surprised how many non brits like DW, awesome. :)
Nice work. :Thumbsup:
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That was a HILARIOUS scene.
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That's a cricket bat he's holding. Completely different sport.
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That's rather the point. He was talking about football in this scene and then asked "That's the one with the sticks, isn't it?" meaning he had no idea what sport it actually was.
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